Visceral Explains Why Headshots Don’t Always Result in One-Hit Kills in Battlefield Hardline

If you’re one of the many who’ve participated in the Battlefield Hardline beta, chances are you’ve noticed some key changes to Visceral Games’ version of the established shooter franchise.

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Crazyglues1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I feel like the game was perfect in the beta, it had a really nice feel, much better then BF4.

It felt more like Bad Company 2 then BF4 and I hope it stays like that for the final release because it was a blast to play and the game just felt really good. Much better then the first Beta..

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smoothop1396d ago

I thought the beta was actually quite fun as well, let's be honest when you have 30 plus players running about there's not going to be a lot of team work. Bf4 is disgustingly bad IMO, its just a non stop bombardment of explosions. I can't wait for Rainbow 6, 5v5 is a real good number for teamwork and strategy, if you want that in a multiplayer game you'll never get it with an excessive amount of players. I'll probably pick up Hard line though just to pass the time and have a bit of fun.

Maddens Raiders1396d ago

smooth - I have to disagree a bit. I have a great squad and play with others who all team up to play. And that's when there's 32 on each side or 12. Guys repairing, healing, and replenishing make the game fun and very replayable.

It's a blast and we all work toward the same goals when we're on together. Playing BF4 solo is daunting but can be done if you luck into a good squad who acknowledges and /follows/ orders, so I agree with you it can be harder without a good team by your side.

brich2331396d ago

Yes, like 20 times better.

csreynolds1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )


Hardline is a better fit for the Call of Duty players that don't get on with proper Battlefield games; smaller maps, faster pace gameplay, perks... it reminds me of the Medal of Honor titles - a filler until the next big Battlefield game arrives.

This isn't better than BF4, and to compare it to the brilliance that was Bad Company 2 is criminal (pun intended). I'm not hating. I just think you might be hyping it a little too much.

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Adolph Fitler1396d ago

It was crap... Played the beta, barely felt the need to have a 2nd game, but gave it another chance, & same feeling.....just nothing, nothing exciting, nothing new, nothing at all that made it stand out from the waaaaaaay better game available already, such as FC4, Destiny, COD:AW, etc, etc...In fact, COD:Ghosts is a more fun game than this, & that is saying something.

So much potential....but so much better in games like Payback 1&2, & GTA5.
Hardline literally did nothing to outdo, or even make itself competitive with these better opposition games, that involve the premise of heists. Yes, it is cops vs robbers, & adds that rivalry online,......but it neither did it well, nor interestingly... Just boring, bland, quite slow, uninteresting gameplay. Dice really need to up there game & make the games controls more akin to COD, as the BF games have always had that more inbetween, weighty, sluggish, feeling...