Dead Space 3 Isn’t As Bad As You Remember

The final chapter in Visceral Games' horror trilogy isn't so bad after all.

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-Foxtrot1039d ago

It was...I mean jeez, it basically killed the franchise

- It lost all its big horror themes

- It went full action, a crime which at the time was committed by Capcom with their latest Resident Evil games, so they clearly knew the consequences but did it anyway.

- The new character, you're partner, was a bland, generic space marine with no personality, I mean they set up Elle in Dead Space 2 and she was in this game, if they HAD to include co-op why not her?

- Speaking of co-op...the feature as a whole, again they didn't learn off Capcom where they were killing the Resident Evil franchise, loosing the horror element. The game also then sucked when playing play yourself, you lost that alone, isolated tension and overall lost the horror element.

- The story got ridiculous, I mean the overall story of Dead Space is out there I'm not going to pretend it's not, but by the end we had a giant moon sized Necromorphs. Like, they could have just stuck with the marker and brought in a central "queen" Necromorph overall, probably would have been a better route to go down, either that or just someone at the head of EarthGov or Unitologist cult The Circle.

gantarat1038d ago

Also the love triangle subplot.

Psychonaut851038d ago

Oh yeah I forgot about that. That was so fucking stupid.

1038d ago
giovonni1037d ago

Hey!!! Spoil alert… I never played part 3… then again if it’s as bad as you all say…. Carry on

bouzebbal1037d ago

I enjoyed this game a lot.. didn’t disturb me at all it didn’t stay dark because the first two were also very action oriented..
I enjoyed the possibility to craft weapons and that they removed the loading screens between levels.
What I didn’t like though is that they didn’t create any new enemy for this one they were all seen before.

For the first post who says like Capcom did with RE, RE4 5 6 were a complete redirection whereas DS3 kept the same gameplay recipe.. yes big part of it was happening in the daylight but that’s not a change in direction..

bouzebbal1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )


Never heard of objectivity.? Tastes are a nature thing.. I for example loved DS3 I didn’t feel any off track it felt the same with some very welcome additions I ,mentioned above. The game is almost free now, give it a shot
The game felt similar yet very different and fresh.. DS2 felt exact same as1 due to the environment being the exact same. DS3 tried to do thing differently and I’m glad they did

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Kaze881038d ago

Last halloween played through Dead space 2, loved every second of it. Tried Dead space 3 right after. That cartoony look, love triangle and human enemies, coop partner that you never hear or see when playing alone but appears on the cutscenes (the maps even don't fit two players properly lol)....after 2h I was sick of it and quit the game - delete local content. It's not shit, but it's bad enough when compared to the first and second instalment.

neutralgamer19921038d ago

Yeah DS1-2 are awesome tried DS3 but never got into it

RNTody1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Don't forget the resource gathering robot that took 10 minutes to get you supplies unless you paid real money to get your resources in 5 minutes.

One of the earliest, most predatory ideas of a microtransaction to ever 'grace' a game.

Oh, and having quite literally 900 bullets and 25 med packs in your inventory is hardly the survival horror Dead Space was built upon.

Yeah, it is as bad as I remember.

DeadManMMX1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Damn beat me to it

DeadManMMX1038d ago

Micro transactions for resources to upgrade your weapons.
It was effectively impossible to find enough to max out your weapons. Eghh

septemberindecember1037d ago

The one coop element that was cool was the fact that one of you was going crazy the whole time. However, they butchered it. They could have made it subtle where you were t sure if you were going crazy. Instead they filled the game with clowns.

Kaze881037d ago

Yeah I saw a video about that, great idea that never came into fruition because of EA management. It went something along the lines that they wanted to steer more to into horror territory and design the whole game around that other one sees everything as is and other is going crazy and seeing hallucinations. EA told them to scrap it, then later told them to add coop because of RE5 was a success. the maps etc. never were designed for it. they never had the time to balance it properly and it shows.

TheHan1037d ago

Coming from ones opinion, I on the other hand and many others disagree.

Seraphim1037d ago

while it failed miserably at bringing more of what Dead Space 1 and 2 offered it was still a good, enjoyable game; imo. As you mentioned, there is no shortage of notable issues with Dead Space 3, though. It was a disservice to the franchise but a good game nonetheless.

& let's be real here. When a developer strikes lightning in the bottle it's more probable than not everything goes downhill at some point. Especially when the publisher is pushing for change which is what's rumored to be the case and reason for Dead Space 3 being what it was. What, one or two games later Visceral was shuttered by EA; or at the very least I believe most of the core team and management were gone. side note: It still baffles me anyone at EA or Visceral thought a police based Battlefield was a good idea.....

Thing is, for all intensive purposes Dead Space was a perfect game. Dead Space 2 was more of that solid experience. Then the suites step in, allegedly. We need this game to move more units so make it more accessible to appeal to a wider audience, cater to multi-player gamers by giving the game co-op etc. Dead Space is very much the definition of what a solo player horror game should be. Minus the mediocre story. I think if Visceral were able to make the game as they wanted it would've been another banger. But in EAs infinite greed they decided the game needed change; allegedly.

& here we are over a decade later and EA is handing the reigns to another team since Visceral is shuttered and I have absolutely no faith that they'll pull off a Remake. Furthermore, why even remake what is already perfect? The game simply can't get any better. Maybe you add a few more shit your pants moments or whatever but you're taking a supermodel and sending her in for plastic surgery. Surely with EA's emphasis on making it more appealing and pushing max units sold.

gantarat1037d ago

EA Want Risk with Dead Space 3.

While Dead Space 2 Sold Very Well (over 4 million copies) but still not enough to Them since the game was cost $60 million to make (+ marketing, tax, etc)

Limitedtimestruggle1037d ago

Right on, this game was a disaster.

gantarat1036d ago

About The Brother moons, the Visceral Games plan it since the first game.

There is a hint/reference on Dead Space 1 and 2.

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gantarat1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

It's not a bad game, just not the fans want.

I really like the idea your coop partner (Carver) saw something that you (Issac) can't see.

dreamed1038d ago

Yeah buddy those coop missions were good fun... Issac having to defend you both, while carver has gone all fetal position....coop asymmetric gameplay 😎👍

JCOLE131951038d ago

Definitely not a bad game, just not the best dead space game.

bloodyspasm1038d ago

This. It's not that the game itself doesn't have merrit, it's just not what fans of the series were expecting

Sciurus_vulgaris1038d ago

I did enjoy making weapons in Dead Space 3. However, Dead Space 3 lacks tension. Ammo was far too easy to manage. Also, the weapon crafting allowed the player to create some rather overpowered [or overly effective] weapons.

Fist4achin1038d ago

Agreed. When sequels are supposed to build upon the prior iterations, make improvements, tie up the story arc, maybe put the storyline in motion for a new direction, etc... And it just disappointed in all those aspects and traded it for an action game. Call of Dead Space was more like it.