Is Eurogamer Dropping Review Scores the Right Move?

Esteemed video game website Eurogamer announced today that they are discontinuing the classic numbered scoring system on all their reviews, to generally positive feedback. Given the state of the industry and its relationship with aggregating site Metacritic, this is a bold move – more likely than not, it is also the right one.

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Gazondaily3451d ago

Each to their own. I still think review scores have a place but the weakness isn't so much on the ones doling out the scores (aside from some troll ones on Metacritic) but on the people who place too much weight on them.

If the removal of the scores mean people pay more attention to the substance of a review then yeah its the right move.

But an aggregate score can help gauge the quality of a title if you're on the fence about it.

Ultimately, you alone are the best judge of a game and its quality.

aconnellan3451d ago

I completely agree, the people who place so much importance on them are the ones who misconstrue the system.

For me personally, they have lost their meaning as of late (simply due to the stigma surrounding 'any game lower than 'x' is a bad game), but there are still a lot of people who use them to determine their purchases, and that's fine.

Off topic, I have to say, Septic, it's always refreshing to read your comments. They're intelligent, well thought-through, and interesting to read. Bubbles for you, my friend.

Gazondaily3451d ago

Ah cheers for the nice words. <3

I think you're in the minority regarding your sentiments about me on here :P

"For me personally, they have lost their meaning as of late "

I feel the same way too. The numbers mean very different things for different people it seems. Not entirely a bad thing I guess.

Mr Pumblechook3451d ago

Eurogamer are the website who kicked off the trend for slating The Order: 1886 without having played the full game. Now previews are coming back favourable it would have seemed odd if backtracked and gave it a higher score and odd if they gave it a lower score that differs from the mainstream.

Bansai3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

I believe it is a right move, now I will actually feel the need to read the review instead of just looking at a score.

And let's be honest, a crap ton of people were doing just that :)

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ContinuePlay3451d ago

Pumblechook, if you'd played the build they previewed (I did, as it happens, as it did most of the other people at the expo last year and most subsequent previews that came from it) you'd realize just how awful it was. It screamed style over substance, a linear procession of moving down corridows firing at enemies with no intelligence and a lack of self-preservation, while possessing the accuracy of a Star Wars Stormtrooper. It was truly horrid.

To be honest, I've seen little subsequent that has changed that opinion. And even the most recent build - the blimp one - has come in for heavy criticism (EDGE, GamesTM, many others).

Most of the good previews are coming from PlayStation sites, which is telling in itself.

freshslicepizza3450d ago

yes, very good move. the score itself is no longer the substance of the review but what they say about it. now (hopefully) the discussions revolve around the game, not the score. the focus will be on the good and bad parts and not the score shoved in to counter any discussion.

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pivotplease3451d ago

It would be difficult to discern the quality of a game if no numbers were given whatsoever. Though there are certain reviewers out there that are so sporadic with their scores that it goes beyond logic, and I would prefer it if they stopped giving numbers or stopped reviewing altogether.

Bennibop3451d ago

They have just replaced their 10 point system with a 4 point system so they are still giving it a score of sorts. My main issue is their refusal to re-review games with so many games being patched and rebalanced I believe that they should be revisted, as if they were to review Driveclub, AC:Unity and Halo MCC again the scores would be very different.

Zichu3451d ago

I think this system is a good idea. It might get people to actually read the reviews instead of just looking at a score. I bet most people don't read reviews at all and just see a score, if it's not the score they are looking for, they won't get it.

It's gotten to the point where games that get below a 7 is considered a bad game by a lot of people. You also won't be seeing the stupid decimal scores. If a game is a 7.9, why is it a 7.9, why isn't it an 8? How far does it go when you see scores like 7.91, it's close, but yet not close enough to an 8.

This system seems simple, gets their point across and I think it will benefit gamers in general.

pivotplease3451d ago

To an extent the below 7 theory is correct though. But not on a review to review basis but when you take them all together on metacritic. It took me like 15 minutes to think of a game that I enjoyed that got below a 70...Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex on the PS2 (66). The Xbox version that came out later got 70 so even that one is kind of a stretch lol. Oh and the original Monster Hunter for PS2 (68).

starchild3451d ago


I couldn't disagree more. I've enjoyed a ton of games that scored below 70. And many games that scored over 8o were just mediocre to me. I really don't put much stock in scores or critic reviews as a whole.

ContinuePlay3451d ago

They do re-review games. And they changed their policy on that permanently following Battlefield. They no longer review games with heavy emphasis on multiplayer until after launch.

plsburydoughboy3451d ago

The main thing is game companies actually use review scores to determine if devs will be paid, and even if they will stay hired. This move has an undebatable upside.

SmielmaN3451d ago

Agreed. Plus there's a lot of bias in gaming "journalism" and there's a lot of shady deals where reviews are bought and reviewer have to sign gag orders so they can't mention what the company doesn't want you to mention. So imo it seems reasonable to just talk about the game and the experience without having to quantify its quality with a number. Kudos to them for thinking outside the box here.

Fro_xoxo3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

It is perfect.. I love it. In fact, all other sites should do the same. Something similar at least.

We don't need scores, leave that sh!t in school.

It's time we stop grading an expression of art.

OB1Biker3451d ago

Reviews need to change and dropping the biased score system is going in the right direction for a better service to us consumers

ndrliang13451d ago

I feel like reviewers have too much power. With a number one person decides on they can help a game to sell millions or completely shut it down. This puts an unbelievable pressure and stress on developers to to adhere to what they think critics will praise.

I understand we need a way to know whether we should spend $60, but I do think the opinion of a few weighs too heavily on a games success or failure, and therefore, have too much weight on what games developers feel forced to make.