Watch Dogs 2 online is broken: what works and what doesn't

Ubisoft has disabled Watch Dogs 2 online features a day before release, citing performance issues that caused the game to lag and crash.

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xYLeinen2800d ago

I like Ubisoft, but they online features, hah!

starforge712800d ago

im not surprised tbh they failed on watchdogs 1 and hey failed on watch dogs 2 i will not be buying sorry ubi but YOU FAILED


CDPR Dev Says Half Of Cyberpunk Sequel's Quest Team Is Made Up Of Modders

CDPR developer Pawel Sasko has praised modders, claiming that many of them are working with the studio to develop the Cyberpunk sequel.

Terry_B1h ago

Thats an interesting choice for the talent. Lets see how it works out for them

Michiel198940m ago

I really like that a lot, valve did it a lot in the past and it worked out great for them, however that will not stop the execs from still demanding overtime, cutting corners or whatever else that plagued cyberpunk. I feel like this is just virtue signaling. and until I see their next release come out in a much, MUCH better state I don't really care what they say. They lied before to their audience and investors so any word coming out of their mouths must be taken with the biggest grain of salt.


Xbox Game Pass Only Has 3 More Games Coming in July 2024

The low number of new games coming to Xbox Game Pass as part of July 2024's Wave 2 lineup couldn't have come at a worse time for Microsoft. Just recently, Microsoft raised the price of Xbox Game Pass, and not only that, but it's announced that major day one releases will be locked behind Game Pass Ultimate. These decisions have understandably upset longtime Xbox Game Pass subscribers, with analysts predicting that another price hike and perhaps an ad-based tier could potentially be introduced down the line.

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1d 2h ago
OtterX11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

You'd think they would have packed the lineup after announcing an impending price increase in Sept.

Bathyj7h ago

That would just be throwing good money after bad at this point. Microsoft needs to just drop this failed experiment altogether, leave Xbox in the wind and become the biggest 3rd party publisher on the planet. It's the only way they will ever be successful in gaming.

Petebloodyonion7h ago

Rumors are circulating that Microsoft may add Modern Warfare 3 to Game Pass this month, as suggested by the current game release schedule, which lists only five games instead of the usual seven.

OtterX6h ago

That would be a smarter move on their part.

TheColbertinator46m ago(Edited 46m ago)

I welcome that. I could use fresh meat for MW3.

--Onilink--3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

They released 8 games during Wave 1 for July… and the 3 coming now are all actually quite interesting.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn (Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X) - July 18
Dungeons of Hinterberg (Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X) - July 18
Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess (Cloud/Consoles/PC) - July 19

I’d say releasing 11 games in 1 month for gamepass should be enough…

anast6h ago

The PS+ model was always the end goal. I'm sure they got a few before closing he net.

TwoPicklesGood1h ago

To be fair, the July releases on Game Pass are great. I'd rather have today on my ps5 then the junk we are given.


GTRevival renamed Project Motor Racing in GIANTS Software publishing deal

The fledgling sim racing game by Ian Bell’s Straight4 Studios has a new title and a publishing deal with Farm Simulator custodians GIANTS Software.