An overview of the places and faces in Torment: Tides of Numenera

The famous computer role-playing game Planescape: Torment, and the new video game Torment: Tides of Numenera are peas in a pod. What's different is the setting - beautifully shown and explained in the new trailer.

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krzysiek2849d ago

So distant future on Earth makes your imagination going...


Capcom's Latest Shareholder Q&A Is a Terrifying Indictment of Capitalism

Capcom has released its latest shareholder Q&A, and while there are some smart questions in there, you'll find some not-so-smart ones too.

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TheColbertinator17h ago

Capcom is our hero and champion in the gaming industry somehow. Everyone else is straight up Dr Doom

Darkegg4h ago

Somehow? You mean the people who put their money into the company and wonder how their money is being used? The hero borrows from others bc they are not using their own capital hence why they are public company. It’s a responsibility to communicate the idea, and having an open mind to bridge various opinion. Branding questions as smart and not smart is a terrible way to focus an article on. Rather, explain the concerns and the response to them intelligently and compassionately.

VersusDMC3h ago

And most of the questions are what journalists and fans ask as well.

Why not release it this holiday season? Everyone complained it's 2025.
Why is MH Wilds not on Switch? There is currently an article posted here that Capcom abandoned the switch.
Where are the Megaman games? We all want more X games.

Truly terrifying questions...

OldDuffer3h ago

This story is literally nothing, ? I should have expected as much from this 'source'.
Nothing terrifying and nothing that's an indictment of capitalism.
If you somehow believe a publicly traded company should only have shareholders who know the ins and outs of the business, then you may get a chuckle out of some of the questions asked. In general they are exactly the types of questions you would expect from someone with a stake, who does not understand the business well. Asking questions is surely the way these people learn more about the investments they have made? I wish I hadn't of bothered clicking! :)


Xbox Game Pass Raising Its Prices Might Make Me Actually Play My Backlog

A loss for Game Pass is a win for backlogs.

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anast1d 5h ago

The cope is strong with this one.

DarXyde12h ago

Eh, maybe. It probably is, but that applies to me too.

I hate everything about Game Pass and Playstation Plus and don't pay for either service.

At the same time, there isn't much in the modern gaming landscape that I'm interested in and haven't played yet, so I very routinely revisit my backlog.

I guess we can call that a cope. The difference is that I'm not writing articles about it. 😅

TheColbertinator16h ago

Microsoft should increase the price further

anast15h ago

I would have increased a bit more. They left some money on the table. People will pay.

jznrpg12h ago

It will sooner than later. I’m guessing right before games come out next year

SimpleDad12h ago

Dude, you don't have a backlog with Gamepass. What cope is this!?

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Coming to Game Pass July 24

Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare III coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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darthv722d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Will be interesting to see what sort of numbers GP users draw in come tomorrow. It is believed that this is one many have been waiting for.

2d ago
thesoftware7301d 8h ago


That is not accurate; this game is old, and most people who want it have already bought it. You might get a small number of subs, but we will mostly see a good influx of players(not new subs) from people with Game Pass who will try it, which is what happened with D4.

CoD: BO 6 will be the test for actual sub numbers.

darthv721d 2h ago

That's fair... seeing as many have been saying they want CoD in GP. My comment was more of , now that its here... what can it do. Im sure there will be other titles in the franchise that will either entice or turn off different users.

Bathyj1d 7h ago

No one's buying a console and signing up for a monthly bill just to get this game to avoid buying it. That's ridiculous. Besides everyone bagged the crap out of this on release for the 4 hour campaign.

andy851d 8h ago

Sweet. Never got round to it on release. I'll give the campaign a go