Official Tekken 7 Website Launched Alongside Character List

Bandai Namco has launched the official website for Tekken 7, their upcoming fighting game that will release in arcades later this month.

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OUROSMAG1979d ago

And chloe is there SUCK IT NERDS!!

Tibasco1979d ago

Damn I hope they add Raven and/or Ganryu. Heard there was supposed to be 30-35 characters.

Vanfernal1979d ago

Kind of hard to get excited for Tekken 7 if that is the final roster. It's missing some of the most iconic characters in the series. I hope they add more characters for the home release or something.

jeremyj29131979d ago

I guess they are gonna add more of the cast in the eventual update to the arcade version then again before the game comes to consoles. I like that they use the arcades as beta test sites. So far I only use 2 of the announced characters :-(

Kazamaboy1371974d ago

They should add Jin with sum faster moves