Skyrim Kissing Mod Released - Love is in the physics

MWEB GameZone writes: "The ultimate Skyrim kissing mod, aptly called Kissing-Immersive Lover’s Comfort has been released on the Steam Workshop.

A recent update has made the mod the most advanced, functional kissing mod the game has seen. The mod sets itself apart by using physics instead of animations to bring characters together and has no adult content. Here are the details to start smooching right now."

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HanCilliers1980d ago

For those who wanna try smooching before the use the sex mod?

Sillicur1980d ago

Those sex mods look terrible in my opinion, so weird, almost alien like!

plut0nash1980d ago

hahah Skyrim, ultimate modded game of all time :P

Sillicur1980d ago

Indeed, it is crazy how many mods, especially of a sexual nature, there is in the game hey. Unlike other mods though, the physics engine is used very well, instead of animations, to create a much more realistic look and feels.... :)

schmoe1980d ago

Id kiss my dragon but she has really bad breath....

Sillicur1980d ago

Well now that is just rude, dragons need love too kind sir :)

plut0nash1980d ago

It would be rather hot and steamy..

Sillicur1980d ago

Hahaha good point, bad breath would be the least of your worries while kissing a dragon :)

SonZeRo1980d ago

Just what Skyrim needed lol :) Can we have Fallout 4 now?

CongoKyle1980d ago

Wow! People are still making mods for Skyrim? This is cool.

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