Late night gaming session turns violent

MWEB GameZone writes: "A late night gaming session has turned violent in Japan after the young gamers made too much noise. Here are the details."

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Sillicur1975d ago

Hahah couldnt have said it better myself. I wonder what the parents will say about this incident...

plut0nash1975d ago

That guy was psycho though.

CptEccentric1975d ago

Probably tell the kids not to be so loud anymore and make a case against the perp...

VforVideogames1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Why use a bloodied Xbox 360 controller? to promote violence when xbox does not exist in Japan? mmmmmm just wandering .....

SonZeRo1975d ago

eish, not the proper way to teach them respect.

Sillicur1975d ago

If anything, they will have less respect now for someone who does something like that.

CptEccentric1975d ago

Yah, maybe someone can rather develop a game to teach kids more respect :) With headset support of course!!!!!

lord zaid1975d ago

The problem with stories like these, is that inevitably too much attention is paid to the "gaming" aspect, as opposed the violence aspect.

Sillicur1975d ago

Yah, thankfully this time it will be much harder to say voilent games caused the incident. Might actually show a counter argument, as the kids were just a bit noisy :)

plut0nash1975d ago

Maybe not a bit, maybe very - that's no justification for that kind of violence. Who knows what else the kids were up to.

CptEccentric1975d ago

Yeh it really does, agreed

soul-assassin-1975d ago

True. This has nothing to do with gaming or what game is being played "which caused him to snap" . This is just a violent neighbour who can't deal with a bit of noise in a sensible manner.

HanCilliers1975d ago

How about rather calling the cops on them?

Sillicur1975d ago

Exactly, that would have been the best route, instead, he did something that I believe he should go to jail for. Throwing away your own life like that for some noise is just stupid :(

rawrock1975d ago

Dont give me ideas about my noisy neighbor lol...

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