The Case For Hollow Knight: Silksong To Feature Multiple Weapons

The upcoming Hollow Knight: Silksong has a chance to change up the formula from the first game in a unique way by giving Hornet her own armory.

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Why Hollow Knight: Silksong Can Afford to Stew in Silence

The wait for Hollow Knight: Silksong has been particularly arduous, but Team Cherry can keep it under wraps for a bit longer still.

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Hollow Knight: Silksong's Follow-Up to Grubs is a Logical Progression

Hollow Knight: Silksong’s new collectible that succeeds the popular Grubs has the potential to deepen the mysteries of the new world.

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maykhausonninh21d ago

That sounds very interesting. I'll definitely give it a try if I have the chance.


Before Silksong, I Should Probably Play Hollow Knight

Jade King from TheGamer Writes "It's time for me to dive into a classic that I keep hearing about, but never played myself."

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anast36d ago

Hollow Knight is a good game. I still need to finished it, but it's still uploaded, which is something, very few games get a permanent space on my PS5.

jznrpg36d ago

Great game but it took me a long time to beat it. I would play it inbetween other games.

VersusDMC36d ago

I didn't get the hype at first and put it down for a year. Then after going on a Metroidvania binge with ender lillies and Wonder Labirinth i picked it up again and ended up loving it.

Crows9036d ago

It's an incredible game....don't know why you wouldn't just play it for it's own sake...probably don't need to play before silk song necessarily.

Nacho_Z36d ago

I remember before I played HK I wasn't particularly bothered, I knew it was highly recommended but I didn't really fancy it. One of my all time favourites now.

There's absolutely no need to play HK before Silksong for lore reasons but if you're interested in the latter you'd be mad to skip the former.

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