Battlefield: Hardline - Open Beta Available For Download Now On Origin

Battlefield fans, get ready for a treat. While the open beta phase of Battlefield: Hardline begins tomorrow, PC gamers can go ahead and download the beta from Origin right now.

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just_looken1407d ago

ha that opening sentence yeah a treat alright a big hard fucking treat.

No doubt will fuckup your pc or install tons of drm if i see the ps4 beta actually load up and a fucking server work i will be surprised.

BC_Master_Haze1407d ago

Because the last one had soooooooooooo many issues. downloaded it, played it, had no problems, and for an online beta DRM seems pointless, so much.

The quality of the game wasn't great but the stuff you're complaining about it stupid, just letting you know.

22CobraKing1407d ago

It's a (beta) you see what's wrong with it so for the 2nd beta that this one hopefully changed what was wrong the first time.

ONESHOTV21407d ago

yeah i think EA has learned there lesson. yeah i spent 80$ on BF4 when it came out on pc yeah it was also filled with bugs.. but still its a good game so i think EA will come through with this one bug free well i hope lol...

christrules00411407d ago

I'm so glade that EA decided to delay Battlefield Hardline instead of trying to compete with COD Advanced Warfare.

Sonital1406d ago

OR the beta will be a checked version containing no bugs (from months ago) then when it launches it will be "filled with new features"...creepy crawly features.

LAWSON721407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

It is on Xbone demo section as well.

Hope to see Visceral prove themselves.

Farmassy1406d ago

I was unimpressed with the beta... doesn't bring anything new. I won't be picking this game up

LAWSON721403d ago

I got 7 disagrees lol, can't help but wonder why. Sorry I shared the news it was out on the store before the release date.

BlackPhillip6661407d ago

Its a preload on origin unlocks at 9am here in the UK.

salmanramim1407d ago

i download it but it shows the error(battlefield hardline beta will release on february 3,2015 and can not be played).any fix fot this?

HammadTheBeast1406d ago

You downloaded the preload, it will open up later, but you won't have to download it then.

Saijahn1406d ago

So far it plays a lot smoother than BF4.

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The story is too old to be commented.