Far Cry 4’s Ajay Ghale Is the Ella Enchanted of Video Game Protagonists

GeekParty: "While I haven’t seen everything Far Cry 4 has to offer, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on its story and characters. The charming, villainous Pagan Min is basically Hans Landa with cooler hair. Reggie and Yogi, Far Cry 4‘s requisite drug-pushers, seem to be unusually fond of R. Kelly.

And Ajay Ghale, the game’s protagonist, is straight out of Ella Enchanted."

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SeanScythe1450d ago

I couldn't connect with this world for some reason. I loved far cry3, it felt more alive than FC4 does. Not sure why but I haven't played it at all after about a week.

UnHoly_One1450d ago

I played the crap out of the game, love the gameplay, but I agree that the whole Story and every single character in it is awful compared to FC3.

NiteX1450d ago

I didn't care about the FC3 characters and I don't really care about the ones in 4 either. I just find FC4's world feels much move alive to me than 3 does mainly due to the wild life.

ZombieKiller1450d ago

"While I haven’t seen everything Far Cry 4 has to offer, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on its story and characters." what you're telling me is you have never seen the story, played the games or experienced Far Cry 4 but you know it well enough to compare it to something else?

This is why gaming journalism is a joke....A bad one too.

You know why I wouldn't say anything about the movie Frozen, let alone do a comparison or review? Because I haven't seen it. How does anyone expect to be taken seriously with this crap?

TheCommentator1450d ago

I've been editing maps since it came out and haven't played the story yet. Love SP maps; it's about time too, since Timesplitters was the last shooter to allow you to do it.

dmonee1450d ago

If you do the side quests and find the hidden notes left by ajays dad, it gives a little insight as to why hes a bad ass mofo right out of the gate. I agree though, at least the protagonist in FC3 had reasons to brew up to a cold blooded killer. In Far Cry4, its assumed its in his blood and nature. A real weak way for the writers to show ajays out of the box kick assery. With any luck, maybe Ubisoft will release some sort of Prologue DLC That can explain ajays claim to fame. Rigjt off the bat people seem to recognize him and are enamored at his presence. The game is still fun as hell though if you get past the weak character development. Sort of the same way I feel about Sylvester Stallone in the Expendables. I don't care the back story of how he learned to punch a guys head off.