The 5 best Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC ideas

From more about Solas to expanded hair and beard options, the Dragon Age fan community has some thoughts on what they want to see in DLC.

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TheUberAsian1450d ago

More story related DLC would be awesome, or new areas to explore

InTheZoneAC1450d ago

who would recommend new hair/beard options?

why would they even want them wasting time on that when it could be better spent on actual DLC to make the game "better"

GameCrateEd1450d ago

The appearance of the Inquisitor seems to be important to a number of gamers.

ContinuePlay1450d ago

You're asking why customisation is important in a role playing game?!

InTheZoneAC1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

-most people play with helmets/hats...
-time could be spent adding missions, weapons, levels, bosses, enemies, dragons, new characters with different abilities...

...not hair...

GameCrateEd1450d ago

The fact that the option to turn off the graphics for the helmets and hats is present in the game does seem to demonstate that being able to see the Inquisitor's hair and face is a common request.

WizzroSupreme1450d ago

I want my elves to be smoking cigars and wearing funky hats.

thorstein1450d ago

I want a war with the Chantry DLC. I thought we were the Inquisition and could mold Ferelden.

I fought for the mages all I could but the atrocities committed by the Chantry continue and I can't end them.

aLiEnViSiToR1450d ago

The 5 best Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC ideas

1- Be free as all DLCs should be...
2- Be Story driven ! (our Warden related maybe ?!)
3- Be innovative.
4- Maybe add more visually different armors.
5- Did i say that all DLCs should be free ?!

ContinuePlay1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Yes, let's ignore that DLC comes with a substantial cost attached to its development...

But never mind that, they should all spend money hand over fist to give you what you want for free.

Talk about entitled.

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