Things To Add In MGS4

An author's suggestion of things that could be added to MGS4. Some are fun, some would make sense.

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Breakfast5820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

...An Xbox 360 logo.

Only then, will it be Game of the Year.

At its present state, it only reaches Boring-est Game of the Year.

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NO_PUDding5820d ago

Yer, well with the biased reviews!

I kid I kid....

Anyway, I certainly think MGS4 could have done with less, if anything.

Elimin85820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

if that's the case, you can just turn your 360 on and stare at it all day... because if that's all it takes to make it game of the yr........ and at it's current status it's boring to you then do the math why bother bringing it over.......

Bolts5820d ago

Time to change disk. I know, I know...its a pain. But you need to swap disc 1 for disc 2. Do you see a disc labeled 2?


Huh? Oh wait. We're on the PS3 system! Its a Bluray disc. Dual layered too, no need to swap. What an age we live in huh Snake? Wonder what they'll think up next!

Breakfast5820d ago

MGS4: The Deleted Scenes (Only on the Xbox)

PirateThom5820d ago

The deleted scenes would probably still need to be on Blu-ray...

BobDog5820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

breakfast, u make me laugh lol

going for fanboy of the week again :D

i like seeing you getting people worked up ^^

MikeGdaGod5820d ago

Breakfast, i think you're funny.

apparently no one shares in the humor....

PoSTedUP5820d ago

200gb blu-ray disc ya dummy! what else?

Mystery_Person5820d ago

haha wow breakfast. You got so many disagrees and only 1 agree. I really liked the snake vs. liquid idea for MGO. It would be really cool to fight your friends one on one.

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Sangria5820d ago

this article is more fantasies of a gamer than real advices to improve MGS4.

lsujester5820d ago

True, but I would like the cutscene viewer for sure. It was cool to have on Subsistence, so if there is a MGS4 "redux", I hope it's there again.

MrRaveDave5820d ago

isnt the whole point of gaming fulfilling your fantasies??? a cutscene viewer would rock, and a boss time attack.

thats the beauty of this gen, DLC.

Nitrowolf25820d ago

yes those would rock
I would like them to add a new mission to the game where you play as raiden an recue sunny. That would be sweet

thor5820d ago

I think the only reason they were left out is because of those pain in the @rse installs; you'd have to install before watching each cutscene, or fighting each boss.

Silogon5820d ago

I bought this game when it came out, but I should have waited for the sub version like I did with MGS3. I know it will be the real version of the game and will probably include a lot of these features.

PirateThom5820d ago

Why there won't be one:

Previously, there was no way to offer DLC. Now there is. Why go to the trouble of releasing a disc (money, printing costs, advertising, shipping etc), when you can release some DLC and just make profit on each sale?

Nitrowolf25820d ago

but if they do come out with one i will buy it.

PirateThom5820d ago

Oh yeah, me too, definitely a day 1 buy, I mean, it would be weird not too...:

Tacki5820d ago

Most of the things mentioned in this article I just find ridiculous. And I believe the majority of them would just turn MGS into something it was never meant to be. Play Tekken if you want a fighting game. Play some other mech game if you want battles like that. I just think it would be ridiculous to take those two things online. They make were fairly well in the single-player game... but neither are polished enough to come to the multi-player arena. And I guess this writer hasn't heard that you can push select to see the controls for the final fight.

The cutscene viewer SHOULD have been in there... but they likely didn't have the space and were hampered by those installs.

There's more I could say about this but I just don't feel like it. I'm not trying to bash the article... but quite a few of the suggestions sound altogether silly to me. They'd be nice if they could work. But I see very few of them being able to at any quality level.

Mainman5820d ago

This guy's number #3 is not valid (from what I understand at least), you can CQC Liquid and choke him.

Nitrowolf25820d ago

@4.1 you can do that
and you can also headbutt liquid

Skerj5820d ago

Also if you hit select #3 is moot.