Mass Effect 4 Will Dwarf Previous Games, 200 Devs Working On It, Actual Name Already Finalized

Trusted industry insider shinobi602 h as taken to the NeoGAF forums to drop some information regarding Mass Effect 4.

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ShugaCane3382d ago

Oh god. That Shinobi602 is the Jack Bauer of video games. Or Austin Powers, I haven't decided yet.

Mega243382d ago

More like Johnny English, "Trusted insider" please, this "person" just says something that has 50/50 chance of being true or false. It's like me saying that there's going to be a Call Of Duty next year...

Kingthrash3603382d ago

What makes me laugh is the "200 devs working on the game"
Lol how many worked on assassins creed unity? dev counts mean nothing to me.
I just hope they make a great game and get back to being the mass effect that captivated us when it first released. not the disappointment that was mass effect 3. (Worst ending ever)

XBLSkull3382d ago

Just hope it is more like ME1. ME2 went ahead and noobified the whole game and ME3 just continued that trend. Make it closer to KotoR and ME1 please.

DarkOcelet3382d ago

I agree, ME1 was indeed the best. They need to go back to its roots again. It was epic and even though most explorable planets were empty, it was just awesome driving the Mako around climbing all sorts of things. ME2 felt like a filler but a damn good one but i hated how linear it was especially after the first was open world. Hopefully ME4 is full blown open world like DAI?

Archmagel3381d ago


Yes! So much truth. ME1 was challenging at higher difficulties and the system of abilities was so much better. I hope they go back to those roots and not continue down the path of ME2 & 3.

Lilrizky3381d ago

umm forza horizon 2 was correct, halo mcc was right with all 4 of them plus the halo 5 beta, he got guerilla's game horizon exactly right, he even predicted exactly when the titanfall dlc was being released he's been on a ball lately.

RedSky3381d ago

More staff means bigger budget. Bigger budget means distributors feel they need to make it safe and mass market. It also usually leads to games lacking personality because the unifying vision of it gets lost.

JWiLL5523381d ago

Not a good example.

There's a 100% chance of a Call of Duty each year, not a 50/50 chance. :P

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Ashunderfire863382d ago

Capcom had 600 people work on Resident Evil 6 for all platforms, and it turn out crappy. Plus it was the worst Resident Evil sequel ever, so 200 people involve in developing Mass Effect 4 don't mean much.


tombraiders3381d ago

Actually it does because that is the most developers working on a Bioware game ever also I tend to find that more than 200 devs sometimes hinders the game due to miscommunication.


At 200 devs your studio is already way beyond the ballpark for miscomunication, it happens in studios with less than 50, imagine 200.

Now, I'm not saying 200 is necessarily too much and it will definetelly be a problem, it can very well not be, it all depends on the management of the project to get that many people working together and respect deadlines in order to not get in each others' way. I'm just saying, the bigger the number, the harder it is for management.

And for what is worth, I liked RE6 better than RE5, not that RE5 was any good to begin with...

ApolloTheBoss3381d ago

"The game apparently dwarfs previous Mass Effect games and even Dragon Age Inquisition."

Did I read that right? Jesus Christ!

Bigpappy3382d ago

I am hoping they open this planets up to more exploration and make them more useful.

FullmetalRoyale3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

I'm hoping they use areas similar to DA: Inquision, but with them all being seperate planets.

We shall see.

stragomccloud3382d ago

I hope it's good! Big dev team doesn't automatically mean it's going to be a good game. Remember AC: Unity?

brettyd3382d ago

Unity is probly the best AC gameplay wise, i've enjoyed it more than most AC games. Too bad about the tech issues though.

elninels3381d ago

Thanks for being reasonable. I agree greatly. Also the number of npcs, the size of paris, the game is also gorgeous. Besides I ran into rather few bugs, way less than a Bethesda game.

The 10th Rider3382d ago

It's not something I've really looked into, but a lot of games that I've known to have large development teams seem to be a lot messier and less focused than games with a small dedicated team.

Either way, it's not like you can make a universal judgement that every game with a large dev team is bad or every game with a small one is good. There'd always be exceptions.

Emrage3382d ago


Look at hmcc or unity and than look at infamous second son like 100 people worked on that or 1 of the games of naughty dog.

The 10th Rider3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Resident Evil 6 and Epic Mickey 2 are some more examples of overly large development teams putting out some less-than-stellar games.

Hercules1893382d ago

Tmcc was built by a small team. 343 was just looking over it

Madrigal3382d ago

Yeah, and Driveclub.

jhoward5853382d ago

True that. But that depends on how many projects the devs team is taking on at the same time.

Its seems as though UBI can't just work on one project at a time.

stragomccloud3382d ago

Well, I definitely have faith in BioWare.

EvilWay3382d ago

There is also like 3 or 4 Ubisoft studios so they all make something different

jhoward5853382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )


That is true. But seeing how some of my buddies who work as devs gives me the idea that UBI might be doing the same thing among all of their studios.

I willing to bet every single one of UBI's studio specialize in one or more talent that the other studios can do better. That said, UBI could shift the work load among all of their studio.

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Thefreeman0123382d ago

I really hope it will be open for exploration and immersion like mass effect 1.. I loved just wondering around cities and planets

Perjoss3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Mass Effect 1 felt so much more like an RPG then 2 and 3 did by a long shot. They focused way too heavily on the combat for the later games and just streamlined everything else.

The Mako landings need to be a thing again, but this time flesh them out more, people love exploring unknown worlds and finding random and interesting stuff. I still can't believe they just abandoned that part of the game in 2 and 3.

The inventory and loot system from 1 felt so much more involved and deep too, it certainly wasn't perfect but 2 and 3 felt like such a huge step back. Always there are players that don't care about loot and just want story and action, thats why you need a good loot system for the RPG heads and then an 'auto equip best loot' button for the people with less time on their hands, just like the system they have for auto assigning skill points.