Cosplaying Mass Effect - Will Andromeda Characters Be Worth It?

DeviantArtist Berceck does dozens of cosplays from anime, comics, novels, and video games her most recent is Mass Effect's Miranda Lawson.

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stanr2085d ago

It's a question only fans who have the talent could answer. If you want to cosplay as your favorite Mass Effect character and have the resources and knowledge to make it happen then go for it.

cleft52083d ago

Cosplaying the human characters from Andromeda will be hard. As not blinking or not being emotive is a lot harder than people think. I guess you could always go with the option of blinking all the time. Or you could put a paper bag over your head and go with the whole, my character is so ugly I don't want to be seen in public thing.

BlackMagicWolf2085d ago

The real question to me is whether there will be characters that resonate with fans to make them WANT to cosplay as them. At present? I hear it's 50-50.

annoyedgamer2085d ago

No need, go to the local feminist meeting and it looks like a mass effect cosplay convention lolol

Summons752084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

It won't take much. A bad makeup job, sloppy costumes, and move like you are a gorilla. Honestly, the cosplayers will look 100x better than the game which will be sad.

Kornholic2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Yes, because now ugly people can cosplay, too!

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