Harada Reveals Image of Tekken 7's New Rendering Camera System

Just unveiled by Harada on twitter is the introduction of a new camera system into Tekken 7 that is currently undergoing internal testing. This new camera system will allow the possibility of both players playing on either 1P or 2P side at the same time through a new rendering technique in which the opponent's camera screen is mirrored on the other side of the stage.

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Ashunderfire862995d ago

Good idea, but looks weird I have to see it in motion.

hkgamer2995d ago

quite a good idea, but its not that big of a deal. only problem i see is when 2 people play on the same console, most people would be used to starting on the left side. though i guess tekken doesnt matter as much as games like sf.

Rock-Lee2995d ago

How does that not matter as much as games like sf?

hkgamer2994d ago

well. tekken is more about punch kick combos whilst sf is more about qcf movements.

Rock-Lee2993d ago

don't really agree. I'm a huge Tekken fan (and player). Try to execute an electric wind godfist on the other side, you'll see that it's perhaps even more important to have the right starting position, than sf.

sardines2994d ago

This seems like a simple idea an i dont see why it wouldnt work. Some of the best ideas are simple. I remeber playing street fighter as a kid with my cousin an we both wanted to be player one so we would start on the left. This will be great for online players.