Second exclusive Xbox 360 Naruto game in development

It looks like the PlayStation 3 is not the only one getting an exclusive Naruto game this year. Ubisoft have just announced Naruto 2: Broken Bond, the second exclusive Xbox 360 Naruto title. The second game, however, will not be an action/adventure title like the first game. Naruto 2: Broken Bond will be a fighting game, with the battle between Naruto and Sasuko as main stage. Naruto 2: Broken Bond will ship in november 2008 exclusively on Xbox 360. More details and media is expected during E3 2008.

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cp685824d ago

I have already sold my 360, just few days ago, for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.

Mikelarry5824d ago

limit yourself when you can have both consoles. i have got both and i will try both naruto games. but i dont think i like the idea of a fighting game but ill still try it

Violater5824d ago

people are going to $hit bricks if this game has Online while the ps3 version doesn't.

What's more important online or great visuals?

Time_Is_On_My_Side5824d ago

I have three words "Metal Gear Online" great visuals and a great free online system.

Violater5824d ago (Edited 5824d ago )

What does MGO have to do with which Naruto game to choose?

sonarus5824d ago

This one is just a battle game so it will probably have online. I think the PS3 naruto was supposed to have some free roam elements. Anyway if 360 naruto doesn't look better than PS3 naruto, screw ubisoft and their talks of ps3 not being able to run naruto

rroded5824d ago

gotta agree the ps3 version will prob b nicer looking but no online sucks.

liquidsnake5824d ago

A fighting game? Seriously this is not because I own a PS3 but an "open" world action/adventure game is of more value than a fighting game. Imo that is.

ustayclassyn4g5824d ago (Edited 5824d ago )

What's more important online or great visuals?

gameplay's more important than both of them:P

Time_Is_On_My_Side5824d ago (Edited 5824d ago )

"people are going to $hit bricks if this game has Online while the ps3 version doesn't.

What's more important online or great visuals?"

You tell me, or maybe I should have said Tekken?

Time_Is_On_My_Side5824d ago (Edited 5824d ago )

Sometimes visuals define game-play and I'm not just talking about the simple 2D (two dimensions) / 3D (three dimensions). A good example would be the DS and PlayStation Portable. They both have 3D visuals yet the experiences can be different. With better graphic movement can be more fluent like seen in fighting games etc.

mintaro5824d ago

What does Tekken have to do with which Naruto game to buy?

power of Green 5824d ago

You sold your 360 because you wanted a PS3 exclusive Naruto game?, Sure you did lol.

1.3, I thought Naruto games have been fighters in the past?.

1.8, Are you joking? 1) they have different artstyles 2)The 360 version is for more advanced graphically; looking better in my opinion by far but one could argue they like the natural anime style the PS3 game displays better(slightly faded and bland though).

JVIDICAN5824d ago

you do realize the goal of graphics in an anime game is to look like the anime right? 0_o

meepmoopmeep5824d ago

i agree with Mikelarry.

better to have both consoles than one if you can afford it.
game time management is the bigger issue for me.

Time_Is_On_My_Side5823d ago

lol, man people are slow, I'm simply stating that online can be on the PlayStation 3 side. The PlayStation 3 can harvest better graphics than the XBOX 360. The XBOX 360 can only do 720p while the PlayStation 3 at 1080p. So I was stating that you can have both on the PlayStation 3 console. With this new Naruto game looking like the anime online can easily be added, like how Tekken was with an add-on. If Tekken added online with an add-on this game can easily ship with online as well.

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Ri0tSquad5824d ago

I doubt it but you never know

TrevorPhillips5824d ago

im getting it i like games like naruto, avater and dragon ball :)

SickNick855824d ago (Edited 5824d ago )

it's a rumor...they say Ubisoft don't have announced anything and xbox.nl hope they do at E3

SUP3R5824d ago

(Save judgment til' trailer premiere)