x360a: Naruto: Broken Bond Review

x360a writes: "Who doesn't love a bit of anime? When you get right down to it, anime is the brash, in-your-face cousin of regular cartoons and can often push the envelope in terms of content. There seems to be a peculiar sub-species of the genre that involves ridiculously over the top fight sequences and excessively long plotlines; Dragonball Z may be the most famous example, but Naruto is not that far behind. With an ardent army of admirers of both the animated series and now the game after the fairly successful debut on the 360, it would be a huge disappointment if this game didn't do the series justice and build on the solid foundations laid down by its predecessor.

Ubisoft did a good job with Rise of a Ninja, and seemed to have successfully fused one-on-one fighting and sandbox gameplay to some extent. There were a few quibbles with glitches during the game though, most notably tied to the downloadable content causing the game to freeze, and achievements being distinctly hard to unlock. Here then, is a chance to iron out all of those issues and create a lush game world for people to run around in. Oh, did I mention you get to run around doing cool ninja stuff? No? Well it's a pretty important aspect as we all know ninjas are "hella cool..."

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