GamingTrend Review: Naruto: The Broken Bond

Naruto's popularity has steadily grown, and so has the number of games that have come out based on the series. It seems like there isn't a month that goes by where a new Naruto game isn't released. Last year Ubisoft released a Naruto game called Path of a Ninja that incorporated fighting, platforming, mini-games, and small role-playing elements. Now Ubisoft has released The Broken Bond, a game with similar concepts that continues the storyline.

The Broken Bond follows the storyline of the series. The death of the Third Hokage by Orochimaru has caused the Leaf Village in search of the Fourth Hokage. Naruto is sent out on a mission to assist finding the Fourth Hokage and gets into several side missions along the way. The relationship between Sasuke and his brother Itachi is also explored. If you don't have any familiarity to the series, then you probably won't understand who everyone is and what kind of background they have, and the game doesn't do anything to familiarize those unfamiliar with the story.

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pwnsause5029d ago

uh, its the fifth Hokage, not the forth.

Arsenic135029d ago

That picture from far looks like Naruto is pants less.