*My* Game of the Year – Titanfall‏

The fundamentals of this game are absolutely rock solid with the gunplay strongly influenced by the developers past work on the Call of Duty series. That core solidity to the gunplay, which is often overlooked, has allowed for a shooter that embraces movement, fluidity and extremes more than any other out there. The wall running, the double jump – it all feels perfectly natural from the very first moment you pick up the controller.

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Foehammer2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

100% agree

It was the highest scoring FPS of the year and a new IP.

Great sales as well

DarkAstronaut2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

It did sell very well on Xbox One considering the install base. I played Titanfall at a friends a few times and enjoyed it, it wasn't anything groundbreaking though. IMO alot of the hype had to do with timing and the situation at the time, not the game itself.

As well as it did critically and how well it was recieved, the game fell of the map as far as people playing it, which is typical overhype.

Respawn isn't even making Titanfall 2 right now.

Liam23822019d ago

Yeah, it really is a great game. It's odd how public opinion has changed.

ps4gamer19832019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Game lacks support and longevity. Typical of EA to cut support/game modes. Needs more weapons and new maps to keep it fresh.

yankolo2019d ago

Im with u of the year for "me" ....

Liam23822019d ago

Good to know a few agree. Seems to be completely absent from GOTY lists.

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