Driveclub Developer on a Hiring Spree to"Push the Visual and Technical Boundaries of Sony Platforms"

With the rocky launch of Driveclub some ominously predicted the end of Evolution Studios, with some even hoping for Sony to “punish” the Runcorn-based developer for the mistakes made on its latest racing games by closing the studio.

Looks like, thankfully, that isn’t in the cards, as the studio has just gone on a hiring spree with quite ambitious purposes.

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slinky1234563500d ago

Surprising to hear. After Driveclub, I kind of feared Evolutions future.

Foehammer3500d ago

The hiring spree may have been preceded by a firing spree based on the disastrous launch.

nX3500d ago

Trolling taken too far.

Abash3500d ago

Foehammer, it's hilarious how upset you are that Evolution is gearing up for a new project.

MotorStorm PS4, please!

Silly gameAr3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Sorry Foehammer. That doesn't seem to be the case. All of that doom and gloom were people jumping the gun as usual. Maybe Drvieclub did better then everyone thought? Anyway, it's weird to see you make a comment that doesn't seem to be MS pr though.

Arnon3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Unless we hear about a firing spree, this is clearly indicative of the company's success. It could be very possible that they'll become a company like ND & GG to help other first party studios with their development kits.

Good on them. I held off from the game knowing it would receive some great updates. Time to pick up my copy.

(Also, the price on Amazon simply cannot be beat. $35 is a steal for this.)


I'd love a MotorStorm from these guys. To see heavily detailed terrain deformation on their engine would be beautiful.

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Abriael3500d ago

I really didn't. Evolution has some of the best tech between Sony's studios, and they're those that know how to use it. I seriously doubt they're going anywhere any time soon.

Fizzler3500d ago Show
gangsta_red3500d ago

Some heads probably rolled and a lot of harsh emails were probably sent but I doubt the DC debacle was enough to close a whole studio down.

BitbyDeath3500d ago

Was about as likely as 343 getting dropped due to MCC.
Hope these guys make a new Motorstorm next.

MrSec843500d ago

Very true!
Motorstorm on PS4 would be awesome or maybe a game that incorporates that game with some rally driving, in an open world.

The engine they developed for the PS4 would be perfect for that.

uth113500d ago

@MrSec84- it is their plan to use the DC engine in their future games.

Yodagamer3500d ago

I don't see why anybody did. They've produced many good games and i don't see sony closing a studio over something they claim "they couldn't prepare for". I would be sad to see them go and i hope they do something with motorstorm. I cant even imagine how good a motorstorm game would look on the drive club tech.

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Agent_hitman3500d ago

Of course it's a common knowledge that they need more manpower to push the capabilities of the system.

snookiegamer3500d ago

Evolution were never in danger of being 'dropped' by Sony...

One mistake with Driveclub seemingly eliminated recent/past successes such as Motorstorm 1-3 in some 'negative' peoples mind.

I sometimes wonder if it's more a case of wishful thinking ;/

WeAreLegion3500d ago

Someone from Evolution said they were worried after MS: Apocalypse bombed. It was such poor timing though, with that earthquake in Japan. :/ Excellent game.

Elwenil3500d ago

I don't know, they sure dropped Zipper pretty quickly.

Either way, I'd much rather hear that Evolution is going to "push the boundaries" of customer service and providing gamers a value for their money and time.

WeAreLegion3500d ago

I'd love to see these guys try another genre. I would also love a new Motorstorm, but still.

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