DriveClub director confirms he’ll reveal his next game this year

Paul Rustchynsky, who was additionally lead designer on several MotorStorm titles at Sony‘s Evolution Studios, is currently working on an unannounced project as part of Avalanche Studios’ new Liverpool development team, which was formed last summer.

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deleted395d ago

Nice. I really like Avalanche's Apex system, it can make some pretty stunning environments. Hopefully it'll translate well into a racing game! (assuming that's what he's working on)

Magog395d ago

He specifically says it won't be a racing game of any kind.

deleted395d ago

Yea, I see he posted a different tweet clarifying that now, but that was not posted in this original tweet or any of the replies. I apologize for not scrolling through all of his Twitter account.Thanks.

Magog395d ago

@OtterX It's in the credit URL actual story. No need to get upset.

MIDGETonSTILTS17395d ago

Motorstorm 2 deserves a remaster.

The balanced monster trucks vs dirt bikes.

chicken_in_the_corn395d ago

Why a remaster? A new game would be so much better

MIDGETonSTILTS17395d ago

Because it’s been designed already…

Azfargh394d ago

I would be happy with just that at 60fps... but... if it were a new game with course maker, 50 cars racing at the same time, focusing on Pacific Rift and Monument Valley... I would feel way better

MIDGETonSTILTS17392d ago

That sounds like alotta extra work for content nobody is clamoring for.

Classic maps for me please. I actually want the game to release.

MaximusPrime_395d ago

"To set some expectations, I'm not working on a racing game.
So sorry, no DRIVECLUB sequel, MotorStorm successor or ONRUSH offshoot.
This is something very different to anything I've worked on before"
So it will not be a racing game. That's a shame. :(

moriarty1889395d ago

Agreed. Driveclub and Motorstorm were great games and deserve sequels. Onrush was fun for me as well. I wonder what type of game he will unveil when the time comes.

Mr_Luke395d ago

Damn, i hoped a DC or Motorstorm sequel... :( let's see what they can pull out from the hat.

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