PlayStation 4 China Launch Titles Revealed; New Rumored Price For PS4 And Vita

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is coming to China soon. The new console will be available for preorder on major online retailers starting December 12. Latest source indicates that PS4 will be priced at ¥2899 (about $469 USD) and PSV to be priced at ¥1299 (about $210 USD).

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SaveFerris2383d ago

If the PS4 isn't region locked then that could be a big factor in helping it sell in China.

MasterCornholio2383d ago

I heard rumors that the Chinese government forced Sony to region lock it. Given the way the government functions there I wouldn't be surprised if its true.

jackanderson19852383d ago

not a hope the Chinese government will allow it to be region free especially with all the restrictions they've put on what can and can't be in games

hkgamer2383d ago

i personally dont think region locks is a big deal for the china market.

people who would want to import games from other countries would have easily got hold of a ps4 already.

the point of ms and ps4 releasing in china this time round is to hit the mainstream market which is why they allowed these crazy deals which gives these chinese companies publishing rights etc...

Eonjay2383d ago

I'm not sure but there doesn't appear to be region locking if I understand the Chinese forum correctly. Can someone Verify?

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PoSTedUP2383d ago

hopefully the eat up the vita at that price!!

Darkxen1172383d ago

I see one of the launch titles is kill zone. But kill zone is a violent game how can that happens with the restrictions the government of china put on video games.

Angeljuice2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I don't know too much about their restrictions on video games, but with TV and movies I'm aware that the restrictions are somewhat bizarre.
Violence as such isn't banned, it depends a lot on who the violence is directed against (definitely not against the government etc). But what is really strange is that any depiction of time-travel is banned outright.
Programs such as Dr Who (seemingly completely innocent) are banned from public consumption for example.
Interestingly, there have been reports that Assassins Creed will be launching there, whether or not the authorities are aware of the fact that AC has an element of time-travel involved, I'm not sure.

Maybe the rules are different for video games, or maybe it will be withdrawn at some point, whatever happens I'll be watching with interest.

SideNote2383d ago

Id ban Dr Who too if I could. Its shit.

Angeljuice2383d ago

I don't disagree with you, but it is primarily a children's program and not exactly a threat to society.

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