Microsoft Shows Off the Power of DirectX 12 With New Trailer

During the opening keynote of Microsoft’s Build developer conference, Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer introduced a trailer for the DirectX 12 API.

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raggy-rocket1946d ago

'What a great trailer, can't wait for full DX12 to be implemented and used on PC and Xbox' - civil comment

Of course that won't happen, when an article has 'DX12' and 'power' in the headline, it becomes home to a cesspool of hatred and bitterness from PS fanboys and overexaggeration from Xbox fanboys.

How's about we all just say that DX12 is gonna do some really great things for some games and devices, but nothing earth shifting for Xbox and leave out the arguments eh?

AizenSosuke1946d ago

Xbox is getting a better use of its power this time, not a super-boost or no boost fanboys let's stop.

TheCommentator1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

If you watch the full DX12 advancements video from GDC, it's interesting to see that many features of DX12 are still in development. They put out a timeline that shifts FL12.1 features and Shader Model 6 to the fall as a release window for developers to even start using. DX12 is not a simple on off switch, but more like a dimmer switch full of incremental improvements over time. At any rate, it looks like the API has a lot of room to mature and that MS will be using feedback and coding from developers to improve things as fast as possible. Sounds good to me.

ScorpiusX1946d ago

or we can just wait for the next Xbox that will most likely see some real improvement with it

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Trekster_Gamer1946d ago

I hope XB1 benefits from this in an actual measurable way.

Seafort1946d ago

So far the DX12 games out or coming soon have much higher system requirements than any DX11 or 9 game.

So much for DX12 being more efficient.

Was that a lie or just marketing BS?

vanity291946d ago

I don't know why you are getting disagrees. On pc, there is a noticeable performance increase but that comes with many problems.

It just seems like the dx12 end is just tacked on just to promote it. It's not really efficient at all.

TheCommentator1946d ago

You'd know why if you watched the GDC presentation MS gave on the topic. They admitted it was still buggy, that they were working hard to patch it soon, and that many features which haven't been implemented yet would be over the course of this year.