NZGamer: Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Review - Kane is back in the hood

NZGamer writes: "Real-time strategy games have always had their work cut out for them on the consoles, but as EA have already proved, there is still some hope for the genre on the 360.

Tiberium Wars, the last title in the franchise, came out last year and allowed the Los Angeles based EA studios to trial a new control system for the Command & Conquer franchise. The final product was so well received that they have continued the story with the follow-up title, Kane's Wrath.

While the game is available on the PC as well, the 360 version is a stand-alone title rather than an add-on pack. This means that newcomers don't need the original Tiberium Wars to play the game, although some of the later storylines may prove confusing for those not familiar with the plot. Kane's Wrath still does an excellent job of bringing people up to speed though thanks to the star-studded, high-definition live-action cut-scenes throughout the game. In fact the cast is like that of a high-budget sci-fi series, with Natasha Henstridge (Species), Curt Lumbly (Alias) and Joe Kucan, the original actor who played Kane superbly in the original game, making appearances."

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