PS Experience To Be Better Than Game Awards In Terms of Games,The Order Demo Will Be 45 Minutes Long

With only a few hours to go before Sony kicks off the PlayStation Experience, two industry insiders have hinted about what Sony might be showing off during the two day event.


Update: The Order 1886 developer Ru Weerasuriya has confirmed during the PlayStation Keynote that the demo will be more than 30 minutes long.

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Cindy-rella1415d ago

Awesome. I cant wait to see it

vishmarx1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

good i hope people shut up about it now,
RAD has had an excellent track record and the media has been consistently downplaying it based off of 10 minutes of an early build.
the game's atmosphere and visuals are phenomenaland i hope the gameplay blows me away
tga was a tad disappointing given there werent any new major reveals

bouzebbal1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

i didnt think VGAs had lots of reveals.
My favorite thing was Zelda Wii U together with The Order and Until Dawn. looks stellar!
looking forward to some SF5 footage!

nucky641415d ago

yea, abzdiine....because riding a horse for several minutes was so riveting.
seriously - the best stuff at the VGA was bloodborne, the order, and no mans sky.

mikeslemonade1414d ago

I want more annoucments. Annoucments>Gameplay Previews

yarbie10001415d ago

The Playstation Experience livestream just has to come online - and it'll be better than the Games Awards.

I felt like I wasted 3 hrs of my life watching something that could have been 30 min without all the music and fluff

mark3214uk1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

hopefully some official numbers as well instead of vgcharts fake bullshit

Gamer19821414d ago

Don't ask for numbers!! People will crucify uou for it! The MS fans only care about them when it looks like Xbox won a month and Sony pretty much every month but theres enough poeple on here to go mad at anybody asking for them lol.


All i want to see is Uncharted 4 !!

frezhblunts1414d ago

I hope so because then they must top zelda wii u, mgs5 online and bloodborne. SO far nothing too impressive but I believe there are more to come. Uncharted does have good graphics...

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Ezz20131415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

45 minutes gameplay of The Order?! 0_0
i wonder what else people will complain about after that ?!
i was laughing at the people who thought the order 1886 trailer we see at VGA was not in-game graphics
they don't know that there is no pre-rendered cutscenes in the order 1886

anyway this is great news
as for Playstation Experience
just watching Uncharted 4 gameplay will be enough for me
evety thing else will just be a bounes for me

i'm getting Ps4 late 2015 to join my ps3/pc

JoGam1415d ago

They probably will complain about the demo being too long.

Ezz20131415d ago

or linear it's bad thing but then you see them go praise other linear games

Linear games are only bad when they are Playstation exclusives as it seems

freshslicepizza1415d ago

i want to see more of it but so far the game's momentum is constantly being broken up with cutscenes and the gameplay itself looks rather clunky. visuals top-notch, actual gameplay not so much. hopefully that changes.

GarrusVakarian1415d ago

They'll complain about the game's graphics being *too* good. Lol.

thanhgee1415d ago

IGN: Graphics are way too realistic 7/10

Ezz20131415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

IGN: "The bro mustache is soo good ...can't grow something like it" -7/10

Gamespot: "Not enough women" -6/10

Polygon: "Lol playstation exclusive"-5/10

Nathan1701415d ago

Ign:"Too much water"7.8/10
Sorry,someone had to do it.

frezhblunts1414d ago

oh dear the fanboys are coming out! lol no bro it will be all about graphics dont worry about that

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MasterCornholio1415d ago

"i wonder what else people will complain about after that ?!"

Many people did complain about it having a cover system similar to Gears of War. Im guessing they will continue to complain about that. Doesnt make any sense because there are games with 3rd person cover systems that ended up being excellent. Gears of War 3 and Uncharted 2 are great examples of that.

Golden_Mud1415d ago

I realized you changed you pic xD anyways , Im hoping for Rockstar to showcase their next game at the event , the partnership Sony and Rockstar have is strong so I'm hopeful.

Daz1415d ago

Carnt people complain about things to make the game better, yes there are haters but there can be faults with the game too. but hopefully they fixed them. we will see soon.

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Hellsvacancy1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Can I watch this anywhere else other than Twitch? I find Twitch....... twitchy, laggy etc

I watched the vgas last night using the live event viewer (PS3), it was great, no PSE listed though, which I think is a fail

DigitalRaptor1415d ago

Of course it's going to be better.

Geoff did a fine job, but he was still pandering and it was a really unfocused show. The best bits of the show were some of the indie segments, the Nintendo and Sony bits and that awesome King's Quest segment.

PSX is all about PlayStation games. Completely brand new reveals, extended gameplay of the impressive stuff we had a glimpse at last night, and just more great content without worrying about fluff in the mix like TGAs will always have.

FlameBaitGod1415d ago

Was the first time they did that show, this isn't the same as that other award show we saw in previous years(Spike). It had its probs but I think it was a lot better than what the other guys did b4. With feedback I think the show can be great. If people just want trailers they should just wait till the show ends.

jay21415d ago

Tga weree terrible, sorry but it needed reveals such as just course 3 game play a d release dates more like the zelda faepkay not things like before manthingy loojs good tho