Street Fighter V vs SFIV Comparison Screenshot Shows Difference In Character Model, Lighting & More

Take a look at this Street Fighter V vs Street Fighter IV comparison screenshot. SFV has has more detail and better lighting model as compared to Street Fighter IV

ChronoJoe3458d ago

It does look quite different, looks like it's still the same engine though? Which is a little disappointing.

Shame they've stick with the odd body proportions however. I really dislike it.

jonboi243458d ago

I don't think it's the same engine. I don't even think it's running on Capcom' in-house engine. This may be Unreal 4.

guitarded773458d ago

Chun Li's face looked more animated and detailed in IV. She looks like a clay model in V.

bloop3458d ago

I wish they dropped the cartoon look. I'd love to see an ultra realistic Street Fighter sometime.

mikeslemonade3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

With the lack of the X1 version hold this game back, I expected a bigger leap.

And I told you guys that you will start to see more games in development for PS4 and not the X1 because of the sales disparity. Sony didn't write them a blank check like many of you think.

darthv723458d ago

@mike... how different do you think the two platforms are? Its not like comparing the PS4 to the 2600.

The systems are closer than you think. And this game is likely to not take advantage of the PS4 like a more dedicated developer is able to do.

NarooN3458d ago

Definitely not Unreal 4, most likely it's running on Capcom's new in-house Panta Rhei engine.


tuglu_pati3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

What's up with the bulky-steroid characters. Why they look so shiny/plastic

Skizelli3458d ago

SFIV is a beautiful game when it's in action, but if you take a screenshot of it, it doesn't look like anything special. I'm sure SFV is no different.

Griever3458d ago

Man... dem muscles and rips on Ryu's body! The game looks great though. The character models are improved and lightning the biggest improvement.

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ABizzel13458d ago

Looks much closer to what they envisioned in the original reveal trailer.


N4g_null3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Right on the money. I'll be sure to buy this on pc and run it in 4k!

Hmmm so basically no one like so now because it looks cartoony.... wow. It always looked that way. It sounds like you all wanted mortal kombat.

It sounds like capcom made a mistake. The cartoon lovers are on the wiiu and I believe the new sf5 needs particle effects and more virtual sweat or something. It actually seems like they just darkened the lighting system. Anyway I'm still going pc. I already have a fighting stick for it. Did anyone get a date for release?

Also this may have been money wasted by sony. They don't need any exclusives to win this gen. People just want them to win this gen, it's in the bag. Now hopefully there are no problems with this game.

Akuma2K3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

I love the new look of SF5, graphically it looks like night and day when compared to SF4 (Ryu and Chun Li character models looks more detailed and life like and the lighting looks much better too) which is what its supposed to look like in this new gen with the PS4 and its powerful hardware......you don't go backwards to last gen's graphics in a new next gen fighting game, it's time to move on to something new and SF5 is headed in the right direction.

XtraTrstrL3458d ago

I'm pretty sure the main reason they did it, despite what they may tell us - is to save $$$ on redoing all the assets. I hope it doesn't bring back focus attacks and stuff. This will be the first time they make a whole new iteration of the game without majorly upgrading the visual style or changing it totally. SF1 to 2 was a major upgrade, 2 to 3 was insanely upgraded with animation and 3 to 4 was totally changed to 3D. 4 to 5 now seems like a slightly more refined version of 4.

I hope this isn't the mark of the beginning of SF getting milked to the point of turning to crap like almost every other older Capcom franchise that they managed to destroy despite each IP's immense popularity. I also hope Ono wasn't lying when he corrected that COO about the game not having p2w aspects ala SFxTekken gems. They really need to steer away from overdoing overpriced microtransactions with such a fighting game, keep it pure.

3458d ago
XanderZane3458d ago

Looks just like last gens version. I'm not impressed at all. I expected a much bigger jump in model quality coming to the PS4. There's some more detailing, but the models, faces and bodies don't look much different from SFIV. I wonder have many versions we'll get this time around? Oh well. I'll be getting MKX first and wait on this game to see how many versions Capcom releases.

3-4-53458d ago

Chun Li looks less detailed by Ryu looks more realistic.

The old style had more detail kind of.

Thomaticus3458d ago

I was really hoping that SFV was going to have sprites. I would love to see sfiv graphics with next green enhancements. Consisting other fighters have sprites it would have been nice to see a return.

N4Flamers3457d ago

I like it overall except for those polish sausage fingers.

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showtimefolks3458d ago

Great I think this could help Sony sell a lot of consoles in japan especially. MS started all this big money buys up dlc and games for limits or permanent exclusive. Now that Sony is counting people have issue

Just in year one

Titanfall a huge game no matter how over hyped
Next year tomb raider

As gamers we get the best of both worlds, now both Sony and ms are going hard so that means as consumers we win. Just look at blackfriday and how cheap the bundles were compared to past years. Competition is a very healthy thing

AznGaara3458d ago

Guilty Gear being a Sony exclusive also helps in Japan. However it being on PS3 too isn't as impactful as a next gen only Street Fighter.

bjmartynhak3458d ago

For what I understood, MS helped with Titanfall.

I would guess that Tomb Raider and Street Fighter would come out even without the moneyhatting from MS and Sony. We, consumers, lose in this case.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

and no one remembers Sony doing all the time with PS1 and PS2

all memory magically disappeared

theshredded3458d ago

I might not make it till Saturday from excessive FAP

rajman3458d ago

Models look more like that of Marvel vs Capcom 3....which I dig, no more ott muscles and Chun Li looks much better now

jspsc1233458d ago

they do have more of a comic book look to them. im so fn hype. hope they bring back parry/ get rid of focus

Revengeance3458d ago

Those PS4 graphics look sick! I wonder if it'll be playable at PS Experience.

timmyp533458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Lets be honest with ourselves here. There is nothing graphically "sick" about this. It's artistically interesting, sure, but "sick" nah. Not much you can do with that art style.

timmyp533458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Double post.