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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

I love Halo. However, I hate how this title has been treating its fans so far.

There was an incredible opportunity here, and I have held off on publishing my review because I wanted to give 343 Industries every opportunity to make the experience right for users. It has gotten better, but with matchmaking that is still broken weeks out from the release, Halo: The Master Chief Collection represents everything that is right and wrong about modern gaming all in one large package. That is because while gaming is faster, more detailed, longer lasting with more options than ever, release cycles and publisher deadlines mean that far too often gamers are paying a premium to help serve as beta testers on buggy games that development teams have no business shipping.

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G20WLY1506d ago

I like it when reviewers take this approach. You can't say fairer than leaving it for weeks before publishing your review in the hope that a broken game with potential can be fixed.

It's lenient and fair. Just because we all know what this could have been (and probably will be), doesn't mean it's okay for devs/pubs to do this, regardless of game or platform. We deserve better; we're giving them money for a product and a service.

You want your game to sell? We demand that it works properly. We want the experience you promise and nothing less is good enough.

Chalgyr1506d ago

Thanks - we wanted to rush out a review like everyone else, but Chris (our reviewer) wanted to make sure things work, and sadly Halo just hasn't to date. We actually had another article here on the topic of buggy game releases you might like/agree with:

Blastoise1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I don't agree with that. Why should anyone have to wait two weeks or more to see if they've fixed it? If a game doesn't work at launch people would like to know, why throw a company a bone on the potential of it being fixed when they're charging $60-£40 anyway? Call it like it is, I say.

Not hating on the review, just dont agree with the notion

Chalgyr1506d ago

Definitely fair, Blastoise. Though, we were curious to see how it would be handled. We had a chance to play the game pre-release and the online worked flawlessly then. We wanted to see if this was a hiccup that was a day or three in the making or something more, given the dramatically different results after the release.

Wh15ky1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

What's more curious is how well the game was received by those early reviewers.

Almost all the reviews from the first few days of release scored the game above 90%.

Not one of those early reviews called it like it was.

Chalgyr1506d ago

Wh15ky - well, what we did was unusual. The game's online worked pre-release and the multiplayer was very smooth. There were scheduled groups of times where people who had pre-release access could log in and participate. So for those rushing to get the review out day one as soon as the embargo lifted, all seemed well.

The reason we held off on ours was a nagging concern Chris and I had. We saw the exact same thing happen with Driveclub when it released to the public. There were also frequent patches and code updates being applied to Halo almost right up to the day of the release. Those two things tipped us off to wait. I don't necessarily blame other review sites for wanting to get their articles out day one, but we had some concerns and decided to sit back a bit longer and see if there was, as we suspected, a problem when the general public hit the game all at once in larger numbers.

ReturnToSanity1506d ago

343 said they had something big planed as an apology. Maybe it will make up for it.

t1ckles1506d ago

While I love the Halo franchise deeply, 343 dropped the ball. Recently another company dropped the ball and their "something big" was a free DLC to Assassin's Creed: Unity owners... Not exactly the best offer, especially to folks that purchased things like the Season Pass.

I am not sure what 343 could do to appease early adopters for The Master Chief collection, besides Microsoft is attempting to apologize for their studio's biff-up by offering $15 in credit for anyone that buys the game in December (see:'s article they posted two days ago). Heck of a way to "apologize" to the players that, trusting in the Halo franchise, bought the game in November. Pretty crappy if you ask me.

Not sure what 343 can do at this point other than fix the game...

u got owned1506d ago

I agree, 343i drop the ball big time with this.

This game could have sold much more if it weren't for all this problems. But this should be a lesson for all developers, we are not beta testers, if we buy a $60 game it should be completely functional day one.

Cream1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

343 is going to give everyone a screen saver of a Master Chief for an apology... and a 50% off coupon for a jar of Vaseline.

Illusive_Man1506d ago

Matchmaking works fine. I've had well over 150 matches in the past week.

Septic1506d ago

I've had a grand total of 0

u got owned1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

If you had 0 is because you don't own the game. Saying you had 0 come off as trolling since the game has got much better since release.

When playing alone works pretty good. Playing with friends (team matchmaking) still need quite a lot of work.

marlinfan101506d ago

You sure its not your connection or nat? All my friends and I have had no problems getting games as of 2 patches ago. The connections a lot faster (it still takes a couple min every once in a while), the only real problem weve had is after 5-6 games the connections get really slow and we just reset the game and it fixes it.

equal_youth1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

i can only say the same and i've been trying to play almost every evening. Seems like it works in some regions at least... but not for me.

Septic1506d ago

"If you had 0 is because you don't own the game"

Gamertag: SEPTIC360

Check it yourself.

I got achievements for playing MP matches for custom games. I had to resort to doing those because I couldn't find a game.

"When playing alone works pretty good. "

I was searching for games on my own. TO be fair, someone said the same thing to me. No luck for me. My NAT is open and I find games very quickly. My connection is good.

No I'm not trolling.

u got owned1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


Try hard resetting your XBO. Press and hold the power button on your XBO for 10 seconds. Also disconnect the console completely for two minutes. Probably need to clear the cache. I had to do it yesterday with the last update.

LonDonE1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Seriously i believe u 100% i too could not play a single match since launch in any of the playlists this games multi player is complete trash! even if it does work from what everyone said it runs it on P2P like cod and is not the dedicated servers which they promised! so much for azure LOL

Ignore the kool aid drinking fan girls who get all defensive when anyone criticizes their favourite game! its one of the reasons why i took my avatar pic to shut up all the single console fan boy haters! its my way proving i own and game on all platforms unlike some!

Mate i swear i was told a 100% guaranteed way to make it work and this is the only way i have been able to play the game.

Go into your x1 settings, then go to network and then at the bottom it says "go offline" click it and then wait a minute or two without doing anything!

Then after the minute or two it should now say "GO ONLINE" in the network settings click it and the x1 will reconnect then just click on advanced settings and click auto for the ip and dns settings and then press b it should do a quick test and say everything is fine, then click on detailed statistics this should give you all the info like ping time and up and down speed after it is done go to home screen and launch the game, go straight to multi player and i pretty much guarantee it will work!!

I am thinking its some thing to do with the x1 network settings, or cache doing this will allow you to play 100%
I know its annoying as hell and why should be jump through hoops to play it online but as a temporary fix it does indeed work!

Just out of curiosity are u also from uk? allot of uk gamers are having problem with halo mcc, also make sure you are not wireless and are using a wired connection to your router/modem.

Hope it helps and just wanted to know would it be kool if i added u on live? u r pretty level headed and i wouldn't mind having you on my list.

Most times you only need to do the go offline part, wait a minute or 2 then click go online and then go straight to the home screen and launch the game and multi player should work but some times you have to do all of the above steps this has worked for me 100% of the time and for my buddies too.

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Yaay4me1506d ago

Still not fixed. Thats too bad.

Bennibop1506d ago

Shame it should have been great, unfortunately us gamers are in impatient lot and will move on quickly as we are not short of options SSO, Farcry, COD, LBP3 and Dragon Age to name a few.

marlinfan101506d ago

I think most appreciate how good halo really is andwill just wait until its fixed. Not to say whats happened is acceptable, cause its not, but I'm not gonna skip over such a great game because it's had a few weeks of bad connections. This game will give halo fans years of enjoyment once its finally fixed.

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