Fragland reviews Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit

Fragland reports:

''Although we all secretly hoped for another, though not specifically new, storyline than the one we are used the play from the previous Dragon Ball Z games, Atari kept their usual formula. Once again the story begins at the moment where Goku en Raditz are fighting for their lives and when you start playing the story mode you are immediately dropped in a fight without any explanation concerning the storyline of the anime series. So it's necessary, as in the previous Dragon Ball games, to have some background information about the story to fully enjoy this game. People who are not familiar with the anime series will have some big question marks when playing the story mode

Of course, the brawls on their own are very entertaining. Atari deserves a trophy for the great job they did creating fast and full of action fights like we are used from the series. It's almost impossible to follow the action with your eyes. From one corner of your television to the other. combat on the ground, in the air, changing of background… Button bashing till you have rigid fingers! And for the people who want to impress with powerful or fast attacks it's always possible, and highly recommended, to follow the tutorial.''

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