New Dragon Ball Z game in development for PS3/Xbox 360

According to Namco Bandai's fiscal reports, a new Dragon Ball Z game is in development for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Jamegohanssj54029d ago

I've been waiting to hear this confirmed ever since I beat Burst Limits.


DrRobotnik4029d ago

I hope its better than burst limit. Not saying it was bad, but it felt like it bumped up the visuals, yet took a step backwards in gameplay. Kinda felt like I was playing the first budokai.

vhero4029d ago

Guys they need to stop they really do the games have been getting worse and worse with every release... They release the first game with 1/3 characters then 2nd with 2/3 then 3rd with nearly all... Then start with 1st game again just renaming it and touching it up some... Its a joke. They should make a DBZ game like Smash brothers with all the characters in it that would ROCK!

DrRobotnik4025d ago

I kinda agree with you on that point.But you know what I would really like to see them do. Drop the 3d drogonball, go back to 2d using hand drawn hi-def characters, and run it on an engine similar to MvC or MvSNK(the capcom version). That would be awesome.....ah, wishful thinking.

Yi-Long4029d ago

... but I'd much prefer a Dragon Ball (not Z or GT) adventure/action style game, with all the great stories and humour from the manga in there (and japanese voices ofcourse).

Anyway, a nice anime-fighter is always welcome. I hope it will look as good as Naruto Ultimate Storm, which made great use of cell-shading, and that it will have a nice large collection of characters to choose from. And let's hope they'll stay away from the DLC-scamming.

Adolf Hitler4029d ago

Ja, I just got Ninja Storm.It's very fun but it makes me nostalgic for the PS2 ultimate ninja games,especially UN2+3;I played them back when they first came out in Japan.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4029d ago

I'd love a db game.

but this game better be tenkaichi style.

Mo0eY4029d ago

THere's a DB game for the Nintendo DS if you want to check it out.

DNAgent4029d ago

Burst Limit was terrible so I don't care about this next one. The Tenkaichi games still beat that by a long shot. I don't think any DBZ fighting game will beat Tenkaichi 3 though. That game just seemed to have it all.

Etseix4029d ago

u MAY be right about it... STILL, Burst Limit has the best INTRO on every Dragon Ball game! ;D

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Sangria4029d ago

If it's not a sacrilege like was Burst Limit, it may interest me.

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The story is too old to be commented.