Reinventing Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball games seem to pop up year after year, offering the same story-lines that fans mostly know by heart. The franchise needs to be reinvented and offer fans something new, while keeping it familiar. Read on for our suggestions.

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ilRadd4101d ago

Not much of a Dragon Ball fan

GZ - #NavalAssault

Yi-Long4101d ago

... especially the first series, which was just full of adventure, humor, and great characters and locations. I'd love a cell-shaded adventure game about the whole Dragon Ball story.

Toriyama is fantastic, both as a comedic writer (Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball are hilariously funny), as well as an artist.

UnSelf4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

i can tell by the way you commented on a Dragonball article

morkendo4100d ago

lol, the new dragon ball kai on cartoon network is the old dragon ball z... you would think by now goku and trunk,krillin,gohan,vagetta should be super saiyan 7 by now.seem to me all they did was slap on a new begining of show to make it appear new.
and whatever happen to yu,yu hakusho?? that was excellent cartoon.

cnagel474101d ago

needs a reivention. dead franchise right now

BleuStreeks4101d ago

I agree with the article its needs something more open world like and needs to do something to reinvent the franchise and get us loyal fans hungry again.

ThanatosDMC4100d ago

They need to go back to the awesomeness that was Budokai 3 every DBZ game after that sucked ass.

theonlylolking4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

Yup, the game needs better controls than what this gen has(tenkaichi control scheme). Bring complete destructable enviorments, characters that actuallly differ in speed and power like in the show, story mode starts from Dragon ball to GT. Follows the story exactly not skip a bunch of the story and mix the words. The game also needs a leveling up system like in budokai 3, able to fly around the world like in budokai 3, support characters like Naruto storm, more choice of attacks,and gamepaly like tenkaichi 2.

xino4101d ago

Dragonball GT was absolutely balls! It also felt rushed and stupid. It's like a merge between Dragonball and Dragonball Z. Because Goku was a kid again and had all the DBZ element and theme to it.

The series was just so disappointing and annoying!

It was cool to see Super Saiyan 4, but why rush it and make Goku SSJ4+Vegeta SSJ4 fuse together so fast?

We didn't even see the full extent powers of Goku SSJ4 nor Vegeta's SSJ4 full power, they quickly rushed it and made them fuse to allow the character to be stronger.

trounbyfire4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

i fill it in for you

get beat up
beat up bad guy
finish with same kame hame ha

thats the problem it was the same thing each time. the fights look the same the attacks hardly changed. story was crap (not dragon ball but z & GT sucked) its very repetitive and the characters are very one dimensional but the tried with vegeta but he because a distance memory after goku and gohand

how the hell does child goku not even SS stop a blast that would blow the earth up. the balss came from the strongest guy in DBZ i mean really. the powers make no sense what so ever like how gohand man handled frezia while his power level was in the million and gohand was a few hundred thousand really. even having a advantage like 40,000 to 42,000 ment that 42,000 would win with easy aka vegeta zurbon and dordora (spelled wrong)
how come when frezia & cell got buff he didn't get slower like trunks?

should i go on or is it clear
i'll answer any yu yu hakusho questions if you want revenge

UnSelf4100d ago

u sound silly. trying to argue semantics within a cartoon that hardly specifies on em is asinine.

but allow me to help clairfy

- dbz isnt as simple as "i have a higher power level so ima win automatically." Think of the fights as real life fights. In real life a 7 yr old almost will almost always get defeated by a 27 yr old. But thats not to say its totally impossible for the 7 yr old to win. Im not going to get into details of how its possible but im sure you're capable of having an open mind.

DBZ characters are capable of becoming fatigued and letting their guard down, and becoming surprised which is what happened when Gohan attacked freeza. Yeah freeza is wayy stronger but a surprise is still a surprise, and a surprise coming from that kid is still worthy of doin what it did to freeza, which wasnt much if you watch it again.

- of course freeza and cell slowed down, are u kidding?? just because they didnt talk about it doesnt mean it didnt happen in relation to their regular speed. Btw, cells speed was shown to slow during the Cell games. THink of DBZ as an RPG. When Cell and Freeza buffed up their speed proly dropped a few points, but nothing noticeable to us, the viewers. But to the heroes fighting them im sure it was noticed.

And to be cleared, you dont automatically "get slower" just because you get bigger. Freeza was bigger on his 2nd level but he was much faster than he was on his first. The same goes for Cooler on his final level compared to his first.

and the whole child goku thing in DBZ i dont recall

you can try again if you like...

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