Sony Network Media Player for your PS Vita and Vita TV now available

The Network media Player app lets your PS Vita and Vita TV connect to any of your media servers located in your home network. Using this app will let you access photos, stream music and watch movies using your PS Vita and Vita TV connected to your media server. The app also allows you to copy your photos, music and video files and save it in your PS Vita or PS TV.(unfortunately E.U. and Pacific rim only). (By the way Sony north America claims the PS Vita and PS TV cannot perform this function? very strange).

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Thatguy-3101510d ago

Now bring this to the ps4 baby!

GreenRanger1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Is a connection to a media server secure?

Is there any risk in connecting my Vita to my Android phone?

I'm completely clueless about media servers.

bluzone1509d ago

@GreenRanger media servers' are on your local network.
e.g. windows media sever..etc.
If your network is wired and normally secure, then your media server should be safe.
wifi and android devices connected to them are only as good as their passwords and security used. WPA2 would be good.

bluzone1508d ago

by the way here is a review of the app on YouTube.