Army of Two for Xbox 360: Not what I expected

Thexboxpro writes: "I was really excited to finally get to see and play the new game Army of Two for the Xbox 360. I had really high hopes that this game was going to be able to rest and not turn out to be just like your average shooter game. With the fact that this game is centered about two buddies with cooperative play and seemed to be filled with big explosions along with funny one lines I was sure it was going to be a hit.

Boy was I wrong! The big explosions and one liners are very few and not to mention far between. I played them game and felt very disappointed in the game overall. I couldn't get past the feeling that they had just shoved the game through and out the door. The end result being that it feels very unrealistic and extremely unfinished. Let me tell you why I feel this way."

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Rick Astley3768d ago

A little late there lol. The game just sucks.

InMyOpinion3767d ago

It's awesome in co-op. I've completed it twice with a friend. Never tried it in single player though.

Thugbot1873767d ago

I have the game and in single play mode it sucks. This is one of those games you need to call a friend over or play online. Overall I would give the game an even 7.0 game score.

marionz3767d ago

why did this get approved?

the game is old and everyone knows how bad it sucked


AO2 has dlc in the psn that keeps this game fresh and new.i really like playing this game online in co op,it was fun.the only problem is that it cant come close to beating GTA4 FREE MODE online or BFBC online,these are my 2 favorite games right now online.PLAY B3YOND!!!

thehitman3767d ago

is really good in co-op. My only complaint is that it was to short. When me and my cousin got to the end we thought that was like the middle of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.