Digital Foundry vs Watch Dogs on Wii U

"Some might suggest that it's the end of an era. While Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have continued to receive conversions (of varying quality) of the majority of the recent AAA hits, Nintendo's Wii U has clearly missed out this season, with Assassin's Creed, FIFA, Call of Duty, Destiny and many others conspicuous by their absence. Delayed for six months, Watch Dogs could well be the last major multi-platform release the console sees - Ubisoft itself declaring that it's the last mature title it's willing to bring to Wii U. Going into the game, initial buzz on the internet seemed positive, with talk of the game sitting between the last-gen and PS4/Xbox One versions - right where you'd hope it would be, given the capabilities of the more modern Nintendo hardware."

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XboxOneX2052d ago

Wii U is a very powerful console. I do not know why it took so long for Ubisoft to release it for Wii U.

Lulz_Boat2052d ago

WUT?? the frame rate isn't even on par with PS3

WalterWJR2052d ago

Hats off to ubi, they managed to keep a solid 20fps 99% of the time with very rare dips below.

AKR2052d ago

Not the fault of the console; it's the fault of the developer. There are a bunch of games running at a smooth 30 frames, and even more so, 60 - on the U.

Svinya2052d ago

Akr - not open world games..

Concertoine2052d ago

cant believe people disagreed with AKR after Smash just came out running in 1080p 60fps.

i wish digital foundry would've talked about that instead. i really cant believe it runs in 1080p.

Svinya2052d ago

Concertoine - i guess you and akr don't realize the difference between a demanding open world game and smash..

abstractel2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

You are diluted if you think the Wii U is a "powerful" console. Slightly more powerful than the Xbox360 and PS3 yes, but doesn't compare to PS4/XB1. Ask _any_ developer (except Nintendo of course).

Have you noticed that all decent looking Wii U games are cartoon shaded? It's because it doesn't have enough texture memory. And don't bring up the new Xenoblade doesn't compare to the likes of Infamous SS, Ryse and others. Look at any media, stills and videos. Objectively.

That doesn't mean you are not allowed to love your Wii U, but power wise it just doesn't compare. It's like some of you guys are in denial.

quantae062052d ago

@Svinya I guess we'll have to see when Xenoblade Chronicles X releases. It's also an open world game.

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Darkwatchman2052d ago

The ps4 and Xbox one are underpowered in comparison to previous gens when consoles upon release were comparable to high end pc's. The ps4 and Xbox one were already outdated at launch so how the hell is the wii u a "powerful" console

windblowsagain2052d ago

PS3/360 were never close to High end PC'S.

Even though they had some very good looking games.

PS4 is obviously the most powerful of the consoles and produces very good high graphics/performance for the cost.

Compute will be used much more often to offload cpu work.

WII U is not a next gen machine.

Ninty are always a gen behind.

XboxOneX2052d ago

The Wii U has a lot of power look at some of the games from Nintendo that run in 1080p and high fps. I think the issue is with developers not porting the game correct from one console to the other.

Darkwatchman2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Ummmm, upon release the Xbox 360 had a gpu in it that you couldn't even buy for your PC until MONTHS after

And to the other guy, okay 1080p 60fps doesn't mean much if the games aren't technically demanding. Any wiiu game that runs at 720p60fps or 1080p60fps can EASILY be done on the ps4 and Xbox one because they're much more powerful systems. 1080p poop is still just poop.

Chrischi19882052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

First of all, Nintendo games are no poop, they dont look like poop, actually, they look very beautiful, a thing, you guys with your resolution and reality talk always miss. There is not one game on the other consoles, that looks even closely as beautiful as Pikmin 3 does.

Then again, they said powerful console, not PC. And Xbox360 having a GPU, that wasnt even out before, has no meaning in terms of power, as every new gen, has weak and powerful gpus, they are all new. These consoles were never close to a high end PC, mid PC, yes, but you guys obviously have no idea, what high end in terms of PC means.

And to the Watch Dogs comparision... Anyone who says, that it looks so aweful, that he can not play it on Wii U, has serious problems, yes PS4 version looks better, but the difference is not night and day, besides resolution and fps (we all know, Ubi is retarded in that department and doesnt even get it right on PCs), the only real thing is some lighting and definitely the anti-aliasing. Yeah yeah, because of that, the game is unplayable, not! ^^

jmc88882052d ago

Actually you are wrong, 360/PS3 were much more powerful at launch compared to PC's then XB1/PS4 were.

In fact, if you took the 360 and PS3 and cut their power in half, they would still top the power of the PS4/XB1 at launch (comparatively).

360/PS3 were pretty much bleeding edge. You had the same graphics card with half the memory, but you got it earlier AND you had some features that didn't make their way into GPU's for two PC GPU generations later.

On top of this you had a tri-core or Cell CPU when the average CPU was single or hodge-podge dual CPU (the true dual cores and beyond wouldn't come for another year or so).

I should know, because I built a high end PC in 2004. AMD FX-53 (you know the last time AMD actually beat Intel CPU's), and a Geforce 6800 Ultra. That was bleeding edge high end, one year earlier then launch of the 360, and the 360 was very close indeed, and in some ways was better. Same with PS3. Oh and that CPU/GPU combo, cost over $1600 just for those two parts.

Comparatively you could buy a midrange PC GPU from 2012 and easily beat a PS4. In fact my previous GPU, the GTX 670 trounces a PS4 pretty handily and it only cost $399 in May of 2012, a full year and half before the PS4 even launched.

Meanwhile on the CPU, a stock i7 920 from late 2008 easily trounces the CPU in both consoles. (let alone if it's overclocked from 2.66 ghz to 4.0 like it could EASILY do on air cooling)

Already right now you can get a GTX 970 which has the raw power of over THREE XB1's and over TWO PS4's. 4 TFLops vs 1.8 or 1.3. All for $329-369. Bleeding edge would be quad-Titan Z's. That's a PC running with FOUR, 8 TFLOPS graphic cards. For a theoretical 32 TFLOPS. That's nearly 25x the raw power of an XB1.

Hey I like my PS4. I like my Wii U. Wii U games look nice in the Nintendo way. They are different then many others and should be commended for striving for excellence based on the parameters they set forth. But they also have to alter some of those parameters so their next console has enough power.

So yes the 360/PS3 could easily keep up with $3000-4000 PC's made within the last year or so, had many advantages that weren't even out for PC's yet, whereas the XB1/PS4 would of been considered a midrange GPU in 2011 with a lowish-medium end CPU in 2008-2009.

If the PS4/XB1 wanted to be on the same level comparatively to PC's when the 360/PS3 came out. It would easily need to be 2-3x stronger in the GPU and the CPU would need to be an actual desktop CPU, not a mobile chip clocked insanely low.

Tempest3172052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

@darkwatchman @jmc8888 I'm not disagreeing that ps3/360 were more powerful "on paper" than ps4/x1 compared to pc's of the time. However, since you had an fx 53/6800 ultra then you also know that no games released on consoles ever came close to pc gaming on a lower tier. I had an athlon 64 (overclocked to 3.0)/6800 gt myself 2gb ram. Ran games at higher resolution with eye candy and better fps, with far inferior specs. Never ever in my life has a console game looked better than even just mid-range pc, and it wasn't until ps4/x1 did they even come close. All these arguments are about what was more powerful, but the simple fact is that that power wasn't utilized.

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Kumomeme2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

thunderbear,you said wii u was slightly strong than ps3/360 but not stronger as ps4/xbox1...thats true

but the how the games currently looks and how you said it indicated it has lack memory texture indicated that you diluted to such conclusion barely from how the game currently looks but not on specs
also after stated that,not very wise to obviously compared to xbox one and ps4 games like ryse....the console not huge leapt like ps4/xbox1 compared to last gen..after saying that why compared with game from with console that stronger and more capable than it

wii u have same number edram as xbox1,with 3x edram than 360,with additional 1gb memory available for games compared 256mb available for ps3 and 360 which is 4x more..and more stronger gpu...on paper,aside of higher resolution,the console atleast could pull slightly more 'polished' quality than ps3/360 in regard the resources advantage it has

also,dont forget that nintendo are more focused on the art direction than solely on visual,and surely the console still not maxed out,even soo some of games already looking better than previous gens console especially lot of game are running 1080p and 60fps,and nintendo also tend to focusing on gameplay experience where the focused on higher framerates

wii u its more like 'definitive' version of ps3/360,where it had extra abilites on the field that those console lack of like memory and modern gpu
nad gpgpu compute

also,don't forget there are lot of lazy ports of 3rd party games on wii u

its depend on devs how they decide their game looks and what need to be sacrifice with how much effort they have and how much resource on console they have

even eurogamers pointed out reasonable conclusion there

SilentSolid2052d ago

Mah gawd. The framerate on wii u is hurribluu o.o

2052d ago
Volkama2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

WTF the Wii U and PS3 versions can't even render the car the right colour. Clearly they lack the necessary ROPS, TFLOPS, GBOPS, and bandwidth to do a colour as intense as yellow. No wonder this version didn't sell well.

Summons752052d ago

Looks really good, can't wait to play.

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