120 developers working on PS3 Killzone

Today, the long silence on the game was broken by the Dutch newspaper de Volksrant. In an article titled, "A video game more expensive than the most expensive film," the daily highlights the next-gen Killzone and its developer, Amsterdam-based and Sony-owned Guerilla Games. The piece's name comes from the fact that the game is costing more to develop than the priciest film in Dutch history, director Paul Verhoeven's World War II thriller Black Book (Zwartboek).

While Black Book cost more than 16 million euros (approximately $21 million), Guerilla won't mention specific numbers for Killzone's budget. "Our budget tops [the film]," said Killzone director Arjan Brussee. "We're working on the biggest multimedia project in Dutch history."

Killzone's high cost is due to the labor-intensive development nature of graphically demanding next-generation games. "Work that used to take someone a week now takes him a month," said Brussee. Currently, some 120 developers are working on Killzone--roughly three times the staff of the first Killzone. Interestingly, half of dev tem comes from outside the Netherlands, up from one third on the PlayStation 2 original.

Another factor driving up the game's price tag is localization, as the new Killzone will be fully translated in 20 different languages. This effort will pay off in the long run, Brussee thinks. "You sell 30 to 40 percent more [units] with a translated version," he said.

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MicroGamer4346d ago

but if they are dumping all this money into a PS3 exclusive, they better be prepared to lose it. I don't think PS3 is going to take off enough to make it worth investing over $21 million.

CLX4346d ago

Does $21 million include the dev kit cost? also why does it take so much time and money for 120 developers to make a lukewarm game? hmmm... the ps3 must be expensive and hard to develop games for. It seems like that would not be a very profitable business.

Thugbot1874346d ago

I think Sony people just disagree just to click the button. If you had any common sense or knew anything about return profit you would understand. Chances of everyone picking up a copy of this game that owns the system is slim. Not to say the rather small install base of the platform, due to Sony not being able to produce the amount of consoles it would like. Chances are with those two factors and such a high development cost they might not make back the money. Had this game been on an install base like the PS2 they would stand a very good chance of making the money back (That’s why a large install base, is what publishers like to here.)

shysun4346d ago

The game wont be out untill 2008 bro....I think they'll have enough PS3s in households by then,to cover the cost.Nice try though.

stingray91914345d ago

sorry shysun the ps3 wont sell that many consoles by the time kill zone goes gold, even if sony could make them that fast.

shysun4345d ago

If you don't think Sony will sell well over 15million PS3 in two years,you're nothing more than a dumb ass fanboy.360 sold 7 million in one year and gears is raking in the dough.You fanboys......

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SweGoliath4346d ago

be the game that makes me by a Ps3 so i can have it on the side of my 360 :D.... If it is so big that they are saying and with those visualls that is on the screens,,, then the ps3 will be in my home,,, butt if it is a tine bitt lower then the visuells on the screen,, i have to think about it ,,, what do you future ps3 byers think,, and no i am nott a 360 fan,,,

Capt CHAOS4346d ago

Infact, I think MS stink and sell the virtues of Linux to my kids all the time (something that the PS3 will run without any issues).

And what does this mean?

"..the fact that the game is costing more to develop than the priciest film in Dutch history.."

I didn't know that the dutch had a large film industry.. lol

PS3n3604346d ago

I would buy a PS3 if an exclusive game came onto it that was on par with gears. I hope this game can do it cause I love gadgets. It has been mentioned before that it costs alot more to develop on PS3 so a big budget doesnt neccessarily mean a better game. Just a more expensive one. Still I get excited when I hear of a developer throwing everything they have at a project cause it sometimes produces a gem. I never heard of killzone before so I will look it up now.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4346d ago

There is also a reason behind all the silence. They probably don't give too much info about this game, cause they wanna leave MS in the dark. Expect this game to launch simultaneously with Halo 3.

THWIP4346d ago

...but then again...

If that is their intention, I'm sure MS/Bungie would say "Bring it". Killzone may end up being the best shooter franchise on the PS3....but it won't be able to TOUCH Halo or Gears. PERIOD.