Mass Effect 4 Won't Be Xbox One Timed Exclusive, Development And Other Details Revealed - Insider

Find out how long has the newest Mass Effect been in development.

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amiga-man2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Why would it be? especially with PS4 dominating sales.

TheWatercooler2996d ago

Exactly. There's no way they would cut out the major audience of the PS4 even for just a little time.

Besides when Mass effect 4 finally releases. Xbone will probably just be a distant memory. PS4 will be dominating that much

Ryan7412996d ago

Or Sony bankrupt. Let's hope neither happen.

dirkdady2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )


I don't see Sony going bankrupt anytime soon considering they have $14-18 billion in cash and short term marketable securities (see link below).

Also Sony has assets worth around $150 billion. They are loosing money but it would take many decades for Sony to truly exhaust all resources even if they were to loose $ every single quarter.

Compared to Nintendo who has $7 billion in cash and short term with $15 billion in asset for comparison. For reference Apple has $25 billion in cash and securities.

On the other hand Microsoft exiting the console biz might bring about another - what many called the "golden age of video gaming" during the PS2 era where small to mid sized dev could make risky games with smaller upfront investment on a single console. Currently the entire middle class has dropped out with only indie and AAA dev shops.

u got owned2996d ago

I think I will get this on PS4 assuming it performs better in the console. It will be weird to play my first Mass Effect on PS4 since I played the last trilogy on Xbox. Can't wait for tis game, one of my favorite franchises.

Automatic792996d ago


Still playing on Xbox One with the awesome voice commands.

Tctczach2996d ago

Tomb Raider says "Hi!".

medman2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

You mean the Tomb Raider that is also being developed to perform on last gen hardware? Even though it's launching late 2015? Uncharted 4 says "Hi!". Now that's a hello we can believe in!!

Tctczach2996d ago

@the_dark_one Haha. I'm not denying the money.

badz1492996d ago

the DLCs will! trust me.

joab7772996d ago

Really? They have Tomb Raider, got Ubisoft to dumb down AC:Unity, still have a deal w/ CoD, and who knows what else.

It just means that MS didn't try this time.

DOMination-2996d ago

Yeah because Unity runs so well on ps4. I think thats one conspiracy you can put to bed. If Unity ran at 1080p it would not be able to handle 10 fps

joab7772995d ago

I don't think so. I don't think it was optimized very well. I could be wrong but I honestly think it could.

I havnt had any issues with lag at all, except the occasiona instance, so I'm lucky, cuz i guess others have, but if Ubisoft is guaranteeing A divi on game like what's been shown, I dunno.

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Omran2996d ago

who said it will be exclusive

joab7772996d ago

Many thought maybe b/c it used to be an Xbox exclusive that they may have paid to get it early.

And we can't take anyone's word as gospel this early.

Omran2996d ago

I trust shinobi, but maybe there is something happening behind closed doors who knows ! money talks but I hope it will be multiplatform

DOMination-2996d ago

It will be exclusive for five days through EA Access

Regis2995d ago

I don't like that you still have to pay for the full game or have it when its in the vault which will be a long time.

Baka-akaB2996d ago

That would be stupid . it will probably get some exclusive dlc and anticipated EA access however ... wich i dont mind anyway

xX_Altair_Xx2996d ago

This may be the PS4 exclusive that will make everyone 'rage'? You never know...

LaChance2996d ago

EA & MS are best friends. Don't think so.

DOMination-2996d ago

Rage 2

Its kinda in the clue.

Mikey Mike2996d ago

Red Dead II will make everyone rage... LOL

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