AtomicGamer: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

Reviewed by Jeff Buckland, he writes:

"I'm not sure why Battlefield: Bad Company is only being released on consoles, as the series was born on the PC and this game could have worked just fine on its home platform. Many PC gamers are feeling a bit betrayed, but console gamers who have been unimpressed with EA's half-hearted attempts to bring Battlefield to Sony and Microsoft platforms finally have something to look forward to. Battlefield: Bad Company, riding high on an impressive new game engine, tried and true gameplay, and sprinkles of half-decent comedy, really is the first console game in the series to seem like it really belongs."

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Atomic Rage3792d ago

I will be getting this game in the mail today or sat.
And can't wait to play. the multiplayer, and single player as well.
Achievements don't look to be to difficult. lets hope E.A. server holds up..