TGR Review: Secret Agent Clank - "Not the Best of the Series"

"Secret Agent Clank also represents what is an attempt at a new gameplay shift for the Ratchet and Clank series. I say attempt because it seems that High Impact Games, much like the traveler who can't decide what to take along, couldn't bear to leave the old style of Ratchet and Clank gameplay behind, albeit in a more reduced role than before."

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predator4735d ago

Crisis Core is keeping me busy for the time being...may look at this later on

aubradley4735d ago

I was hoping this would be great, I had such high hopes. :(

cain1414735d ago

I have a friend who's been playing this all week... She seems to enjoy it...

Silogon4735d ago

Ratchet & clank going commando was my personal favorite cause it was the game that nintendo used to steal the idea for Mario Galaxy. I also loved the insomniac museum in it, yet I never seen it in part 3 so It could've even been better.