Overwatch Cinematic & Gameplay Trailers

Blizzard announced at Blizzcon their new team-based shooter, Overwatch. In announcing it they showed off two trailers, one cinematic and one full of gameplay.

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Saithraphim1532d ago

Interesting. These guys know online like no one else, I'm really curious to see this one

Snakester951532d ago

It's crazy to see Blizzard jump to an FPS since its pretty out of their genre; but with the conglomerate they are, I believe in it.

Feralkitsune1532d ago

It looks like it's as varied as League of Legends, but in a FPS. That sounds pretty fucking amazing.

Bobby Kotex1532d ago

Well they had extensive experience trying to make one with Ghosts.

Feralkitsune1532d ago

Also, by going to the youtube comments. People have no idea what Australian accents sounds like compared to English accents.

TardcoreGamer1532d ago

My interest is piqued. Looks fun and complex. Has style and personality. Blizzard knows how to make addictive games to say the least.

Snakester951532d ago

Yeah I like the cartoony art style they're going with, it's certainly been getting a bit more popular lately.

Roccetarius1532d ago

Hmm, sounds like the voice in the beginning is the one from Crackdown. I can't remember his name though.

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