Overwatch Players Bid Farewell and Share Memories, as This Is the Last Day to Play It

The Overwatch community shares memories & bids goodbye to the game, as it becomes unplayable after today to make way for Overwatch 2.

blackblades507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

Oh so it true then, shh thought they would leave it up for people that wanna go back to the old 6v6. I should play it for one last time then

Kaozz1979506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

What do you mean "so it true then"? I am pretty sure there was never any doubt after they announced the changes. Even the Overwatch League has been playing with those changes for a while now.

Class_Viceroy506d ago

Because there are going to be a big group of people who cry murder over this happening, despite the fact everyone has known for a while.

If these people cared this much about Overwatch they would have known about the transition.

People just like to complain

EternalTitan506d ago

The doujins and fanart arent going away.


How these companies can just take your money then replace what you bought with an inferior product is just mind boggling. There should be laws against things like this. I paid $60 for overwatch and based on everything I’ve read about part two it’s an inferior product. So why should I be forced to play the second one and lose access to the first game? BS…

spicelicka506d ago

It's stupid af. You can still play Halo CE online, a 21 year old game, while a 6 year old popular multiplayer game you can't. This isn't going to go over well. Even if Overwatch 2 turns out to be good people will always want the option to play the first one as well.

Class_Viceroy506d ago

Get over yourself. It’s been 6 years. You got your $60 worth. It’s an online game and every online game provides the right to discontinue the service at any time.


Do us both a favor and never comment on one of my post again..:

Welshy506d ago

@class And this boot licking attitude is the reason that this stuff will happen more and more as time passes.

Who decides when you've "got your $60 worth"? Because as far as I'm concerned noone is to be told when they have or haven't had enough of a product they purchased, that's a ridiculous statement to make.


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I Miss the Original Overwatch

Blizzard's blending of the FPS and MOBA was a masterpiece of design that met its end too soon.

Tedakin270d ago

I miss 6v6, lootboxes and an actual player level. I used to look forward to Junkenstein's Revenge at Halloween and the Christmas event cause of all the cool cosmetics you could earn. I'd play it every day. Now you play it for an hour, earn some stupid charm, and you're done. No reason to play anymore.

ActualWhiteMan270d ago

RIP OW2 is trash. My friends stopped playing it like we used to the first one every Friday night.

smoothdude270d ago

this. loved overwatch 1. 2 is no fun. there is lots to play… find something you like.

Gardenia269d ago

I'd never thought I would say this but the loot boxes in Overwatch wasn't so bad compared to what it is now.

GoodGuy09270d ago

I remember those epic dreamworks-like CGIs. I wasn't a fan at all but man, I knew it was a rediculously huge game. OW2 I've seen...nothing, died maybe after a week.

moomoo319269d ago

OW2 is a disaster. All these years to make the game 5v5….? And they scrapped PvE? The game just sucks man zero fun.

17h ago

Activision Shows Concerns Over The Call Of Duty And Overwatch League's Longevity

Activision has admitted that its Call of Duty and Overwatch eSport Leagues are facing challenges that the company might fail to address.

just_looken290d ago

Ha ha these have been in trouble fort awhile so now we talk about it/address it?

How about you explain why you make billions but always have layoff's.

S2Killinit289d ago

Woe is me

These guys come off so disingenuous.

oIMyersIo289d ago

The timing is strange but COD has been on a nosedive for several years & then followed by the backlash of Overwatch 2.

sadraiden288d ago

COD has literally never been more popular. Every single year it sells more and more copies than the previous year. Don't know what you mean by nosedive.

oIMyersIo288d ago (Edited 288d ago )


It has taken a nosedive in quality.
However, as you based your argument on sales numbers, let's take a dive, shall we?

"COD has literally never been more popular"
COD has literally been more popular.

See: MW2 sales numbers estimate to be at 8million copies sold at the end of 2022 (no official numbers released) yet Black Ops (2010) sits at a staggering 31million copies sold.

"Every single year it sells more and more copies than the previous year"
Again, not true.

(In release order)
Black Ops - 31 million copies
Modern Warfare 3 - 30 million copies
Black Ops 2 - 29 million copies
Ghosts - 28 million copies
Advanced Warfare - 21 million copies
Black Ops 3 - 26 million copies
Infinite Warfare - 13 million copies
WWII - 19 million copies
Black Ops 4 - 14 million copies
MW2019 - 30 million copies
Cold War - 30 million copies
Vanguard - Unreleased sales numbers
MW2022 - No solid numbers yet, though as above - 8 million estimated as of end of 2022

As you can see "every single year it sells more and more copies than the previous year" is an inaccurate statement with the sales numbers fluctuating, though I do feel MW2022 would sell well over the course of the year.

luckytrouble289d ago

This timing isn't that weird. eSports are notorious money sinks, and organizations have been failing one after another the past few months as funds dry up and popularity wavers. Critical who is one of the runners of his own eSports organization has been extremely candid about the fact that there's really no money to be made, and a lot of suits that had their companies throw money at the concept are just starting to give up and move on.

Profchaos289d ago

Just to coincide with the CMA appeal woe is us

smolinsk289d ago

Wow and they have totally done it to them Self with zero innovation.

shinoff2183289d ago

Exactly. Biggest game in gaming and they crying. Stfu acti