Overwatch Players Bid Farewell and Share Memories, as This Is the Last Day to Play It

The Overwatch community shares memories & bids goodbye to the game, as it becomes unplayable after today to make way for Overwatch 2.

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blackblades58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Oh so it true then, shh thought they would leave it up for people that wanna go back to the old 6v6. I should play it for one last time then

Kaozz197958d ago (Edited 58d ago )

What do you mean "so it true then"? I am pretty sure there was never any doubt after they announced the changes. Even the Overwatch League has been playing with those changes for a while now.

Class_Viceroy58d ago

Because there are going to be a big group of people who cry murder over this happening, despite the fact everyone has known for a while.

If these people cared this much about Overwatch they would have known about the transition.

People just like to complain

EternalTitan58d ago

The doujins and fanart arent going away.


How these companies can just take your money then replace what you bought with an inferior product is just mind boggling. There should be laws against things like this. I paid $60 for overwatch and based on everything I’ve read about part two it’s an inferior product. So why should I be forced to play the second one and lose access to the first game? BS…

spicelicka58d ago

It's stupid af. You can still play Halo CE online, a 21 year old game, while a 6 year old popular multiplayer game you can't. This isn't going to go over well. Even if Overwatch 2 turns out to be good people will always want the option to play the first one as well.

Class_Viceroy58d ago

Get over yourself. It’s been 6 years. You got your $60 worth. It’s an online game and every online game provides the right to discontinue the service at any time.


Do us both a favor and never comment on one of my post again..:

Welshy57d ago

@class And this boot licking attitude is the reason that this stuff will happen more and more as time passes.

Who decides when you've "got your $60 worth"? Because as far as I'm concerned noone is to be told when they have or haven't had enough of a product they purchased, that's a ridiculous statement to make.