PS4 Share Play – Everything you need to know

Bag of Games takes deep dive into PS4's Share Play. Does it work? What are the requirements?

With the release of PlayStation 4 System Update 2.0. With this update, Sony is giving players a feature they have talked about since the console was first announced: the ability to share games with your PlayStation Network friends over the internet, called Share Play.

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MkaY1535d ago

It seems to be that there has been a lot of problems with this one... Tried within same WLAN and still connection problems :)

MasterCornholio1535d ago

I guess its all dependent on your internet connection. For example i had no issues playing a game with someone but for some reason they couldn´t connect to my PS4. Really odd since i have over 7MBs upload speed.

MkaY1535d ago

It can also be something else as I have that 6MBs upload speed... Well.. who knows. I just hope it will work soon :)

EinRobot1534d ago

It has worked better than I would have guessed. I have tried several games and have had no issues.