Is Driver (PS1) Still Worth Playing in 2024?

"Driver was a technical achievement for PS1, a pioneer in cinematic gaming, and an often brutal challenge - TechStomper asks if its brand of 70s car chase antics still holds up."

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PrimeVinister44d ago

The driving holds up, most of everything else does not.

PrimeVinister44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

@Shane Kim

Well, I mean the driving physics hold up. The draw distance, police AI, visuals in general etc do not

Cacabunga43d ago

One of my all time favorites on PS1. I spent a summer vacation playing this was so good

isarai44d ago

Sadly youd be hard pressed to find any driving game with better physics these days. But the draw distance really kills it for me

PrimeVinister44d ago

The physics hold up ridiculously well. And the draw distance is a real hurdle at first.

__y2jb44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Nonsense. The physics in any modern game or any 360 game is light years beyond Driver.

Dandizzle44d ago

This game is hard, you will fail and quit

PrimeVinister44d ago

But you will get there eventually... maybe

MatrixxGT44d ago

All in the first two minutes.

jznrpg44d ago

Stop with is it worth it articles. If you want to play a game play the damn game!

anast44d ago

I loved this game awhile back.

Barlos43d ago

Yeah but is it worth reading pointless articles?

__y2jb44d ago

It wasn’t worth playing in the 90’s.

Espangerish44d ago

My thoughts exactly. I bought it at release for full price and got frustrated and bored with it very quickly.