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GR: They say that no original work goes without borrowing from some material released prior to it and while that’s hardly a guilty plea in the court of creativity, Halo has largely failed to accelerate outside of the Jesus metaphor that started the franchise in Halo: Combat Evolved. In fact, you could even make the argument that any video game that kills the player and subsequently brings him or her back to life to face the challenge once more enters an area that can’t escape this religious parallel, instead reinforcing it literally by definition.

That’s OK. Reading the Old Testament and New Testament in high school meant discovering the Jesus metaphor in nearly everything and it hasn’t exactly weakened the faith of those that would pursue the cleansing blast of a Halo array every once in a while. All of the games collected in Halo: The Master Chief Collection rather predictably push that comparison as far as it can go without asking players to swear allegiance to an apostle in multiplayer. There is so much Halo here. In that, I can only say that this near-complete collection of Master Chief volumes proves exhaustive.

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1534d ago

"There is so much Halo here. In that, I can only say that this near-complete collection of Master Chief volumes proves exhaustive."

I think the problem with the low scores is that Halo revolutionized shooters when it first launched in 2001 and Halo 2 in 2004. Now, games borrow elements from Halo and therefore the awe that was experienced with Halo might not be there anymore. But there is no doubt that this is a great bundle.

XBLSkull1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

2 of the 3 negative bullet points of his:

*Massive time sink. Pace yourself.

*I'm so f***ing tired of shooters.

Another low score over nothing truly negative about the collection.

His last negative bullet point

*Except Reach and ODST.

Neither game had Master Chief in them, and thats what this collection is about.


4/5 (8/10) is low because metacritics for 1-4 are 97/95/94/87. All better than 4/5, and here you get them all for not the original $240 price, but $60, all graphically better and performance is better, features not included in the originals (H1 online multiplayer, etc) and a beta for H5 and a miniseries.

That is why in this case a 4/5 is a bad score. This package is worthy of a 9.5 or 10 from everyone.

ContinuePlay1534d ago

How the hell is 4/5 a low score?!

GarrusVakarian1534d ago

I agree that those points are pretty damn stupid (who the hell reviews a shooter iof they are sick and tired of them?)...but a 4/5 is in no way a "low" score. What the hell is wrong with you?

MasterCornholio1534d ago

A 4/5 is still a great score.

Please stop trolling.

knifefight1534d ago

It's a 4/5. A "low" score. Oh brother, the times we live in are sad -_-

With the bullet points, I gotta wonder, who cares? He's pretty obviously just having some fun down there. The review itself (hundreds of words, if not thousands) is where the meat is.

Unreal011534d ago

Maybe Halo just isn't considered a "97/95/94/87" game anymore.

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aviator1891534d ago

If the reviewer is so tired of shooters, why not let someone who's a fan of shooters or better, fan of halo, review the game?
Obviously someone who has grown apathetic towards shooters isn't going to appreciate this collection to its fullest.
I don't mind the score, but those negative points in the review irk me.

Horseheadinthebed1534d ago

Polygon did the same sort of thing when they got Arthur Gies to review killzone of the ps4 ...he openly hated the other killzones and gave it a stupidly low score, But according to a lot of people that didn't matter!
Anyway this collection is getting great scores across the board,you don't have to worry about the odd 4/5 or 8/10

aviator1891534d ago

Oh, no I'm not worried at all.
My statement is in regards to the general review process.
Whether it is killzone, halo, etc., no review should by anyone who doesn't appreciate or is apathetic towards the genre of the video game under review.

ghostface91534d ago

These low scores are getting ridiculous so your telling me the last of us on ps4 which just has a res fps upgrade and the dlc added stilll got a 95. While halo the master chief collection has over a 100 maps and remade cinematics and a halo tv/movie all included with 4 games where 3 were in the mid 90's.

aviator1891534d ago

It's not the score that's bothering me with some of these reviews.
It's the negative points that they're bringing up to justify their scores.
It's as if some reviewers' (gamerevolution, metro) negative points really aren't negative points about the game. (no sprinting, not a fan of fps shooters, game has too much content so you'll have to pace yourself, jarring transitions between mp of each Halo -> each of those complaints are just ridiculously silly).

powerkiller471530d ago

this is the only site that I have ran across that gave such a low rating I have to ask my self why that is and I came to the same thing over and over the person must not like halo at all. I just pickup my copy and started playing it and at very lease should have got a 9.5 or 10.0
I may 9.0 there is just no reason to gave a game like halo the master chief collection such a low rating