Big Trouble for Big Alpha: My Thoughts on Evolve

Drew Koehler writes: When I first heard about Evolve, I was excited. Turtle Rock Studios, the folks responsible for Left4Dead, making a new game? Sign me up! I downloaded the “Big Alpha” last week, with incredibly high hopes for a great multiplayer gaming experience. Keeping in mind that the game was in Alpha build, I knew there would be some issues, and those were definitely prevalent. However, it wasn’t the standard Alpha issues that caused my disappointment in the game. It was the game itself.

Each character is unique with their own strengths and abilities. You begin the game ranking which character class you prefer to play. I ordered Assault as my #1, but only played as him twice. I tended to get thrown into the Support role. The most satisfying time I had playing was as the Monster.

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darthkai1533d ago

Idk, I had a lot of fun playing the alpha.

Moe-Gunz1533d ago

It was pretty lame to be real with you. The concept is cool but it's missing something to really captivate.

BX811533d ago

Yeah sadly I agree, I kept saying... Is this it? I felt like there needed to be something more

Dlacy13g1533d ago

Its good at what it does, but what it does is akin to a one trick pony so far. It needs more like a story or progression system for leveling, collecting of gear, etc...

Pablo184741533d ago

Between the very informative article and your comments, you all have saved me €60 which I thank you very much for but I am disappointed, I was really looking forward to this game as I really loved left for dead. It's a pity.

lnfiniteLoop1533d ago

kept trying to get into the Alpha... but servers were full or off... just gave up and Deleted it... wont be buying the game in a hurry... it'll be to dependant on piss poor servers which appears to be the norm at the moment...

tablecloth1533d ago

Played it on PC from Sunday to Tuesday, no problems except maybe stuck on loading once.