Wii U Exclusive JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles X Targeting 2015 Release; Gets Fantastic Gameplay Video

During the Nintendo Direct that is being aired, Nintendo mentioned a release window for Xenoblade Chronicles X and shown a fantastic gameplay video.

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Big_Game_Hunters3004d ago

So GOTY 2015 confirmed, BTW the G in GOTY in this case also stands for godlike... then again Monolith Soft are beyond Gods in the world of video game development. Literally...beyond....Gods

Starbucks_Fan3004d ago

Little early to say GOTY for next year haha. Looks great though.

trywizardo3004d ago

with halo 5 , uncharted 4 and quantum break on the horizon , i think its gonna be a hard competition .
but i gotta say this game looks really awesome

Locknuts3004d ago

Next year is going to be absolutely insane for gamers. Nobody could name a game at this point and say it'll be the best game next year. I'll be getting this one though for sure.

3-4-53004d ago

Get to play the first one on New 3DS, and follow it with this game.

Can't wait.

Never played it for wii.

Magicite3003d ago

So, its not confirmed 2015 release?

Neonridr3003d ago

No, just targeting 2015. So expect it holiday 2015 at the earliest.

bouzebbal3003d ago

most sensless post i've read in a long time.


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Concertoine3004d ago

Overall good direct, but 5 bucks for the pikmin short film is BS.

Metallox3004d ago

There's something called Dailymotion, expect to see them tomorrow. Although I'm going to pay for them, I thought they had some functionality with Miiverse? So it's not just the 30 minute film, I think it's a good value.

herbs3004d ago

Completely agree those short films should be free for all Wii U owners or at least Pikmen 3 owners.

deafdani3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Those short films cost them money to make. Why exactly should they give them away for free?


3004d ago
Errefus3004d ago

Cant Wait, Wii U's next year line up is going to be strong

Dunban673003d ago

Next year or 2016- both Xenoblade nd Zelda could slip to 2016

deafdani3003d ago

I have a feeling Zelda U will be the one to slip to 2016, but Xenoblade will remain a 2015 title, although probably late in the year. It has already been delayed a year, because it was originally slated to release on 2014, and it's been in development longer than Zelda U, I believe.

mysteryraz113004d ago

seen better looking ps3 games look how low detailed the environment is, I am sure it will be fun though but still

Qrphe3004d ago

It's looks slightly better than the first two FFXIII games but this game has A LOT more going on on screen. Who cares about the graphics anyway

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

5x the scale of xenoblade
bigger open world than all ps3 game
has a lot of stuff rendering at the same time

3/4 of ps3 aren't open world

Big_Game_Hunters3004d ago

Name em, and please say something that makes sense, we all know a 7 hour linear game will look better than an open world RPG.

thezeldadoth3004d ago

do you realize how huge even the first xenoblade chronicles was? Massive. Skyrim's size is a tiny fraction. The landscape changed dramatically between areas and so did the awesome soundtrack. The combat system is near perfect. These graphics are awesome, but thats not the point.

herbs3003d ago

Myseryeyes>< You need to go see an eye doctor maybe a brain surgeon. Not many games out there that have enemy's as tall a skyscrapers just roaming around in an open world environment with this amount of detail. I think these visuals are easily on par with what PS4 Xone have to offer. I game on a PC that runs most games at 1080p 60fps with Ultra settings a significant boost over what next gen consoles offer and I'm blown away with this game. It is simply amazing what Monolith is able to achieve with the Wii U hardware and if you disagree with that statement you are either blinded by your fanboyism or just strait up have some screws loose.

tee_bag2423003d ago

That's what a fanboy would say. Wait.. 1 bubble. Certified clown no one takes seriously

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Summons753004d ago

2015 release? I'm smelling a N3DS bundle with Xeno 3DS to hype it up =]

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