Lords of the Fallen - PC Version Still Uncracked Thanks To New DRM Solution, Three Days And Counting

Well, time for some exciting news everyone. Lords of the Fallen was released three days ago and surprisingly enough, CI Games’ latest action RPG has not been cracked yet. That’s a real accomplishment, considering that most PC games are cracked just mere hours after their official release.

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CocoWolfie1451d ago

:o really?! one of my favorite games wolfenstein i think i remember it was cracked a few hours before release.. then in the first week gather in the millions of downloads.. but this, i applaud theyre efforts.

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shloobmm31450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Although pirating games isn't ideal it does allow a handful of people to play games that otherwise never would bother with. Which can turn into sales.


There would be no way to show that it correlated into more sales, but just because there isn't proof doesn't mean it doesn't happen. There's no proof videogames can have dangerous effects on people, but not all people are created equally. Your rationale is ridiculous. As for the actual sales, it does happen just go to any torrent site and read the comments you will find tons of people commenting how they had no plans to buy the game but they are going to now, even more so when the game has multiplayer also,

Orbilator1450d ago

Nonsense, pirated games have NEVER been linked to bigger/future sales. Stop Making crap up.

I find it funny that these people with 1200 gaming systems begrudge the price of 30 for a game.

Psychotica1450d ago

fat chance of that happening..

Dubaman1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Here is an article:

But here is the main meat of it:
A newly-published report from Ofcom has claimed the 20 per cent of Brits responsible for the most online piracy are spending 300 per cent more on digital content from those who don't illegally download files.
The research, commissioned in 2012, studied the behaviours of internet users over the age of 12 in the UK and their attitudes towards illegal downloading.
The researchers found that this top 20 per cent of infringers accounted for almost 88 per cent of all infringements, but at the same time the group made up 11 per cent of all legally purchased content.
The dirty 20 per cent spent, on average, £164, in a six month period on legal content, while the remaining 80 per cent of illegal downloads spent £105 in the same period.
Interestingly, those Honest Joes who've never so much as sniffed a torrent site only spent £54 on online content.

When it's used as it's meant to be used, i.e. Try before you buy, it can be incredibly beneficial.

Skizelli1449d ago


I can vouch for shloobmm3's statement. I've "tried" numerous games (and applications) that I eventually purchased. And in some of those cases, I wouldn't have known about those games otherwise.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you make a product worth buying, people are going to buy it. Minecraft is heavily pirated, yet it's the third best-selling video game of all time. Food for thought.

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Muzikguy1450d ago

Lol @ all the pirates in here

purpleblau1450d ago

all PC games should equip this type of encryption to prevent from being cracked. Well, only time will tell whether there will be a crack.

MRMagoo1231450d ago

It's been up on pirate bay for a day at least the article is wrong

purpleblau1450d ago

It's not cracked. Keep dreaming. FIFA 15 uses the same protection. It hasn't been cracked for 20ish days.

MRMagoo1231450d ago

Fifa is up on the site as well lol go have a look

lelo2play1450d ago


Both Fifa and Fallen are likely in piratebay, but they aren't cracked.

RedstonerMC1449d ago

@lulumink of course fifa isn't cracked it's garbage.

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Meltic1450d ago

Im glad it hasnt worked too crack the game yet and pirate it. Buy it instead. PC games are so cheap. Ps4 is like 60$ and PC 30-40$....

Broodyr1445d ago

I'm sorry, but that's just not true. If you've ever looked at prices on AAA PC games, you'll see they are the same as console prices.

That said, they absolutely SHOULD cost less, as there's no distribution fees as there is with console games (discs, packaging, shipping, etc.), aside from bandwidth costs, which is minimal comparatively.

CyrusLemont1449d ago

Yeah, if only the game actually functioned as well as its DRM did, then it would be a worthy achievement. Seems like they spent more time on trying to prevent the people who want to play without spending money, then on helping the people that actually gave them their hard earned $$$.


Gamer19821449d ago

This is news now?? They all get cracked in the end plus Sims 4 for a proper crack took nearly 4 weeks. The thing is pirates dont effect sales that much especially on pc where games are so cheap no (you can buy any new game for around £20) If a pirate pirates a game they were probably never going to buy it in the first place anyway. So its not a loss in sales..

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rajman1451d ago

Awesome, need this in all future PC games

nX1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

If every game has this kind of DRM I still won't buy them if I'm not interested. Pirating is for games that you want to try out, not the ones you want in your collection. On the other hand, legitimate buyers will have to deal with these kinds of DRM which is even worse.

ziggurcat1449d ago


"Pirating is for games that you want to try out..."

that's what demos are for...

and don't kid yourself - people that pirate games *want* the games, they're just too cheap to pay for them.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1450d ago

Apparently the DRM causes a host of crashing issues within the game for people who purchased the title. So I'm gonna say no.

WildArmed1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

That's the problem with DRM.

It's a choice between hurting your customers vs delaying the pirates. We all know this DRM will be broken soon enough, a small company working on DRM vs millions of cracks isn't really a fair game.

Most cases, the customers get the bad end of the deal w/ a broken game, and the pirates have to wait a few days to get the game w/o the silly DRM breaking their game.

I've bought games which I had to crack to play, this is unacceptable. Why do I need to crack AC games to play them when I bough them through steam? Uplay has got to be some of the worst type of DRM. I just hope DRM goes in a direction where the buyers don't suffer.

annoyedgamer1450d ago

Why? What if people bought the game and wanted to not use that garbage known as Steam? One of the reasons that I rarely buy PC games is the totalitarian DRM that renders my fully bought and paid for game a rental through some companies software.

wannabe gamer1449d ago

i dont think you fully understand how steam works. the only games on steam that ever quit working for good are the ones that rely on online play only. it wouldnt matter if you had a physical copy or not in that case. owning a physical disc does nothing but give you the ability to say i have this in my hands. if they want to render it a "rental" as you call it then they can still do so and your disc will be nothing more than a coaster.

FastRedPonyCar1450d ago

This particular DRM they are using is causing big performance problems. One of the programmers who has worked with the software posted a big of actual code that points to what exactly it's doing and why it is impacting performance and stability of the game.

There's probably a good reason why you haven't seen this type of DRM yet. There is 100% certainty that this is something that all the other AAA devs have heard of and maybe even considered but yet none of them have decided to go with it.

I wonder why they chose not to yet this obscure european dev decided it would be a good idea?

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Dark_Overlord1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Give it time, as with all new DRM it'll take them a while to learn how it works. I don't think it'll ever beat Splinter Cell Chaos Theory though, that game took over a year to crack.

Cracking groups will most likely see this as a challenge and will be competing to be the first to crack it.

Mega241451d ago

Give them time, they will crack it, by posting an article like this, your just challenging them more. They love to be challenged.

Orbilator1450d ago

It will be cracked over weekend as they off school till Monday haha

camel_toad1450d ago

From what Ive read on the steam community, its because of the coding used in the drm that the game is unstable and has poor performance on pc. Dont be surprised if the dev ends up removing it. Its happened before.

ninjahunter1450d ago

Well, hey, if it works and it isnt harmful to the user experience, then by all means.

nX1450d ago

Every game/DRM can be cracked unless it needs an online connection to work (Diablo3, Sim City). The thing is that DRM usually impairs the legitimate buyers (remember uPlay?) so it only makes sense if done right.