#GamerGate: TotalBiscuit on Ethics, Was Offered Free Stuff for Reviews

-Gaming commentator and critic John Bain, known to many as TotalBiscuit, joins David to discuss #GamerGate, journalistic ethics, harassment, and more, and tells the story of being offered a free Alienware laptop in exchange for reviewing a game.

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leemo191475d ago

TB nailed that interview

Palitera1475d ago

To be fair, I still don't know who the interviewer is (will look into it), but he seems to be great at this job.

Mr Pumblechook1475d ago

So TotalBiscuit has revealed he was offered incentives, yet no staff writer / so-called journalists on any of the major websites has said they were offered anything.

What should we deduce from this, that TB was the only one, or that these hacks have been offered and for whatever reason haven't said anything about it?

rambi801475d ago

they both did an incredible job

uth111475d ago

He's one of the few that has really looked into this and not just repeated the "gamers are misogynists" mantra

Revolver_X_1475d ago

TB interviews Stephen Totilo of Kotaku. Interestingly, Totilo dodges and answers vaguely to questions directly related to the Zoe Quinn incident. Nonetheless, interesting interview.

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turdburgler10801475d ago

Wait...People give you free things for reviewing games? That would explain the huge influx of shoddy review sites that have been popping up left and right.

Amuro1475d ago

very good interview there the one of David Pakman to Total Biscuit. I agree with him on almost every point except for the removal of scores. But we are starting to see a new side here about why game journalists behave the way they do and that's because of game publishers.

I liked how he connected the dots between the review that might have social criticism in it with metacritic and the bonus from publishers. Everything so concise and straight to the point even an outsider would be able to understand why #gamergate is a thing.

But anyway, this entire industry is so broken no wonder we are getting so many shit games as of late. It's like game devs are being shackled by game journalists. But at the same time is not entirely their fault but the publisher's for putting so much authority in game review scores forcing devs to develop games in a certain way. Although some of the blame would fall on us too for caring so much about the damn scores too!

Man, this is going too deep for me. And the sad thing is that this is the side of #gamergate that everyone ignores to focus on click-bait articles about harassment.

viperman2401475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

"And the sad thing is that this is the side of #gamergate that everyone ignores to focus on click-bait articles about harassment."

Thats exactly why they keep deflecting from the real issue at hand.

Under close scrutiny everything falls apart, which why they resort to such tactics (gamers are dead ect ect) and don't want to talk about this issue. They want the sweet easy ride of getting flown out to parties and hotels and to get wined and dined. They don't care about ethics or impartiality.

The ones that do care and have done actual journalism within the games media have been blackballed or fired.

Just look at the writer Rob Florence, he is the one who wrote an article on eurogamer talking about journalist taking gifts from publishers. He is the reason the Doriot Pope became a thing. He was forced to censor the truth and after doing so quit gaming journalism.

Thats just one person, there are many more stories just like his.

uth111475d ago

Exactly, anti-GG is a big smear campaign!

The whole idea that there are misogynists among the pro-GG side therefore the entire movement is discredited is ridiculous.

There are clearly some misandrists among the feminists, but nobody claims that discredits that whole movement.

Deadpool6161475d ago

Did we just get a discussion about ethics without hearing "Misogyny" screamed directly in our ear drums?! It feels sooooo good after waiting 2 months to hear this. It's like biting into a York Peppermint Patty. And I get the sensation I'm on the tallest mountain in Switzerland, and I'm skiing down those white slopes butt-naked at 90 miles an hour, with the wind brushing through my hair and bouncing off my perkily cold nipples! And I'm screaming, "WEEEEE! WEEEEEEE! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" XD

In all seriousness...We're making some progress! ^_^

Grap1475d ago

Great discussion never knew it will exist in game journalism.

Eonjay1475d ago

Good watch. Also, reviews are dead. They are impossible to trust.

Anon19741475d ago

As a mobile developer, at least 3/4 of review sites I contact regarding reviews end up having a pay option for reviews. It's been this way for years and it's certainly no secret to those of us in the mobile gaming biz. I have two or three unsolicited emails a week from sites offering their review services for a fee.

It wouldn't surprise me at all that reviewers for larger games are being bought and sold, or at the very least bowing to pressure from advertisers. But do we honestly believe that's not the case for reviewers of other medium as well? It's not realistic to think this will ever change. Money talks. It always will.

rainslacker1475d ago

As a mobile developer wouldn't you prefer to not have to pay money to get your game reviewed?

Having developed mobile games/apps myself, I have gotten these invitations as well, and still do despite not having any current mobile projects. I've never paid for one personally, although I think one game I handed off to a publisher may have gotten that treatment. I personally find it to be a disgusting practice, but one that many devs have to play by in order to make money.

I'm sure bigger review sites are given something. I'm not sure of the frequency of them, nor will I make accusations of anyone without proof. Maybe not money, but certainly perks. I remember reading an article about some cool swag that the reviewers got with their review copy. Not quite as bad as a paid review, but certainly still not a good thing. But press packets aren't an uncommon thing at all nowadays.

I can't speak to other mediums as I don't really care about them. My personal thoughts right now are on gaming. Will it change? I don't know. But that's what the GG movement is about. If you concede defeat because the cause seems hopeless, then you've already lost.

At the very least, I would like to see some more accountability within gaming journalism. If GG achieves nothing more, than it's still a success IMO.

Anon19741475d ago

I don't pay for reviews, but I might as well wish to wake up to a rainbow every morning as wish that money wouldn't influence reviewers. It ain't gonna happen.

rainslacker1475d ago

Sure, I can understand that. The reality is often disconnected from the ideal.

Doesn't make the good fight any less meaningful to fight, even if it ends in loss.

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