The Best of Project Spark (So Far)

Project Spark has captured the imaginations of gamers and creative minds everywhere, so it’s no surprise that the game has already generated some of the coolest, deepest, most interesting mods and custom levels anywhere. We wanted to share some of the very best with you, and they’re pretty impressive given the short time the game has been out. Keep in mind that any or all of these can be downloaded, completely free, to play on your existing copy of Project Spark for Xbox One or Windows 8, right now.

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TriadGamer1452d ago

This article need images or videos to back up the commentary, Project Spark is not a game you can convey effectively in words.

Blues Cowboy1451d ago

Agreed, especially seeing as "Xbox, record that" should be pretty easy.

Still, impressive stuff, at least judging by the descriptions.

Bigpappy1452d ago

It is very impressive that you can play the content on either platform.

yarbie10001451d ago

I tried it the other day - i like the concept, but I couldn't figure out how to navigate the damn game. How do you search for content that has been made?

I saw where it auto displayed some games, but I couldn't find the search function because I was trying to find that PT game..

Thought the menu system was poorly designed