Project Spark Sunset Announcement

Microsoft and Team Dakota are discontinuing support for Project Spark.

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-Foxtrot890d ago


So they try and exploit Conker on it to keep it a float and even that didn't work

Better watch it after what MS did to Lionhead

DragonbornZ890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Sounds like the player base was just low.

"While this means there have been no layoffs at Microsoft, it also means it’s simply no longer feasible to continue the behind-the-scenes work involved with keeping “Project Spark” up and running with meaningful updates and bug fixes, so we have come to this hard decision."

Edit: I played it a long time ago. Really cool, but pretty in depth and time consuming. Some levels were pretty cool too, but it didn't really seem like something that many people would stick with.

ScorpiusX889d ago

They did what any company would have done to stop a cost that had no return and that was to shut it down . Like any normal company would do .

GoPanthers999889d ago

My son likes this game, glad it was free!

subtenko889d ago

It was free but the free side of it was a bit lack luster.

SteadyGoGo889d ago

You'd have to be on drugs to like Little Big Planet

FITgamer889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

@SteadyGoGo Off topic, but life is one hell of a drug. I loved the first 2 LBP games. They were legit fun, very well made, and entertaining, even if they are more towards the childish side. My favorite platformers last gen.
The 3rd was ok, but not the same level.

hardcorehenry889d ago

Ms trimming the fat. Seems like Legends and Spark were both games as a service... maybe seemed like good business decisions. But at the end of the day a bad game is a bad game. Glad MS has woken up abit. Hopefully they've figured out what works a little better.

I think those two games in particular were remnants of the Matrick Era xbox one. Not sad to see them go personally.

Tobsesan889d ago

Ye it looks like they go away from games as a service. Killer Intinct, Forza and Halo are great examples of games as service that work perfect (monthly updates). Those 2 were games noone really wanted.

subtenko889d ago

"The cloud" Not much emphasis on it like when they first announced computing. Meanwhile sony brings "The games" which make calculations in its servers like No Mans Sky and pretty much every other network game.

Microsoft needs to step it up but they are getting a lot of hate with their OS side of things. Now more bad news in their gaming division, dang

hardcorehenry889d ago

For sure. I actually love games as a service in that sense, but when there is a massive dependence on freemium monetization then games walk a fine line. I dont think Legends or Spark were good enough games to thrive on that model. Seems like MS learned that the hard way.

Takes a nice limited but deep and fun game.... World of Tanks or Neverwinter come to mind.

subtenko889d ago

They created fat to trim it when they should have been building muscle the whole time....

hardcorehenry889d ago

cant blame them for trying *shrug*