'Project Spark' Deserved Better From Microsoft

Why Microsoft's poor decision making cost 'Project Spark' any real hope of success.

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Herbalistic891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

The majority of the Xbox user base aren't willing to support stuff like Project Spark and others which are different from titles like Halo/Gears/Forza.

D4 and Sunset were both quality games which Xbox One users didn't support due to them being different from what they are used too.

Shaun2k5891d ago

So many good games go t die on the Xbox One. It's such a shame Microsoft left it to die a painful death.

I'm not saying it could have been a system seller, but they could have at least pushed it a bit harder.

Sciurus_vulgaris890d ago

MS can't force people to play or buy games that they don't want.

_-EDMIX-_890d ago

"they could have at least pushed it a bit harder" Why?

if the game isn't selling, they have no reason to keep spending money in hopes something will change. You spend more in reaction to fan praise, you don't spend MORE hoping for it.

Though many don't really get it, Call Of Duty sold well, BEFORE Activision was pumping mega millions into its marketing and setting up a bunch of teams to make more. They are REACTING to the fan praise, they are not spending money praying for it.

If it gets the traction, it should then warrant the extra attention. I don't see any reason for MS or any company to go out and push a IP or concept "a bit harder" that isn't gaining traction to justify it.

Folks just saw a trailer of No Man Sky and heard its concept and could not STFU about it lol THAT is what one would spend more on based on fan reaction.

I didn't even know Project Sparks was still a thing....

Like Sciurus said, they can't force people to play or like a game.

The 10th Rider891d ago

Well, it's not like that's too different from other consoles. Games like Modnation Racers and Playstation All-Stars didn't do so hot. On Nintendo's side, they have issue selling their more mature games. Every consolemaker has it's niche genres that the people who buy those consoles usually focus on.

Kaneki-Ken890d ago

Actually Playstation all star sold decent enough and there a chance for a sequel in the future, this information is according to Yoshida aka Playstation worldwide president.

SideNote890d ago

Oh, I loved modnation. The online was poop though.

Picnic890d ago

PlayStation Allstars didn't necessarily deserve to sell as it's an unimaginative equivalent of Super Smash Bros Melee.

coolbeans890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

That's a pretty myopic outlook as to why those two titles may not have been as successful. D4 suffered from poor marketing and didn't have many reviews to get the word out back then. Sunset Overdrive is tracking at over 1 million and had to handle a competitive release schedule.

And if there is such a disinclination from so many of the xbox userbase for anything outside Halo/Gears/Forza, they certainly didn't seem to get the memo in cases such as Ori And The Blind Forest.

DLConspiracy890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

While the game is amazing to the very niche market of gamers who want to make, create and play created games. It's still niche. So this idea that it would have done better elsewhere is flawed. It was on PC as well let's not forget

Btw. I purchased and supported both D4 and Sunset Overdrive when they released. Meaning I actually paid for them.

If people are so upset about a good game like Project Spark going to the wayside then why didn't those people play and support it then? Especially a lot of know corporate loyalists who are using this as ammo for the regular online drama.

_-EDMIX-_890d ago

"D4 and Sunset were both quality games which Xbox One users didn't support due to them being different from what they are used too"

I don't know about that to be honest. Sunset didn't sell that great, but neither did MOST of Insomniacs games that are not Resistance and Ratchet and Clank. Even D4, not saying its a bad game, but even on PS4 I'm not sure that game would have done gangbusters or anything.

I honestly think those games sold fine for what they were. Stuff like Project Spark might not get the support from the community because maybe its just not that great of a game in the first place.

Its not as if Sony has ALWAYS hit it out of the park with all titles. So I don't really think fair to say "the Xbox user base aren't willing to support stuff", they like any community are not willing to support bad games.

The Order 1886 didn't just go no to move Uncharted numbers, yet if it released on XONE, pretty sure many on here would say "the Xbox user base aren't willing to support stuff" yet never knowing it was never going to move a lot of units on PS4 either.

Maybe we need to get that the reason a game could do bad, may not just always be based on a set community. We all like games, but we won't just play bad games just because its on our platform. Maybe those games were never going to get such traction regardless.

Many LOVED using this point with JRPGs on 360 last gen, when in reality...PS3 didn't really have THAT much more better selling JRPGs. Valkria Chronicles sold 300k on PS3, yet I'm pretty sure if it sold that on 360, someone would say "the Xbox user base aren't willing to support stuff" yet on 360 Lost Odyssey moved almost 1 million units.

Fun fact, only 1 JRPG that wasn't Final Fantasy sold past 1 million on PS3 last gen, it was Ni No Kuni with around 1.1 million units. Let us PLEASE factor that maybe the game isn't good before jumping to blaming an entire install base.

Jmanzare890d ago

That's actually untrue an only a "fact" on this website. Sunset did very good I loved the game. D4 didn't do that great because it wasnt a great game.. And project spark failed because it was riddled with micro transactions

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Sciurus_vulgaris891d ago

Project sparks engine wasn't very good; it obviously wasn't gonna hold a user base for very long.

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TheColbertinator890d ago

Yay 10 more articles on cancelled Spark which is 8 more than it had during the launch :S

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